Wee Jas

Wee Jas is the Dark Eyed Lady of Magic and Death.

Cult in the World

Wee Jas is the daughter of Lendor. Wee Jas is revered not only as the Sorceress, but as the Protector of the Dead.

Prior to the fall of the Suloise Imperium, she was merely the goddess of magic. But so many mages perished in the Rain, she took on the mantle of Death in grief.

Wee Jas’ cult observes their High Holy Day on the 4th of Coldeven, called the Goddess’ Blush, with lesser holidays on any night when one or the other moon is waxing. Services to Wee Jas are held in grand cathedrals raised by Magic, with deep catacombs beneath for the storage of the dead..

Wee Jas’ priests wear layered robes of gray and black, with jewelry depicting gem-encrusted skulls commonly worn on the fingers, arms, or hair. Staves of office are also quite common in the larger temples.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Death, Law, Magic