Wastri is sometimes known as the Hopping Prophet, or as the Hammer of the Demi-Humans.

Cult in the World

While not technically a member of any official list of Suel deities, he is included here because of his origins as a Suloise human. Wastri was among the second wave of Suloise settlers fleeing south into the Vast Swamp, thought lost exploring a stone ruin along the way. When he returned almost seven centuries later, even the Supremacists among the Scarlet Brotherhood would not claim him as their own, for his deformities and warped priorities were too different from their own.

Wastri’s faith preaches the ultimate superiority of humans over all other races, and that the so-called demi-human races are so vastly inferior that they must be destroyed at all costs. Humanoids are fit to serve as slaves, however, and amphibious races are to be honored and protected at all costs, as they, too, demonstrate the perfection of Wastri (the actual tenets of Wastri’s faith require significant mental gymnastics to comprehend).

Wastri’s followers observe their High Holy Day on the 11th of Coldeven, known as the Festival of the Dripping Moon. Two other holidays of note are the Incarceration and the Liberation.

The Incarceration, held on the days between the 15th-22nd of Goodmonth, marks the time Wastri spent imprisoned by Zagyg; 1 day for each of the 7 years he spent there. During this period anyone casting or sacrificing for divine magic will be stricken by bleeding warts that will not close until the day after the Liberation.

The Liberation is celebrated on the 10th of Harvester, and, as the name indicates, marks the day when Wastri was released from beneath Zagyg’s Tower.

Temples to Wastri are typically labyrinths constructed of stone in marshy or low-lying areas, the most influential of which is the Sacred Polystery in the Vast Swamp. Priests of both sexes shave themselves and don loose robes of yellow-speckled gray. Sandals are sometimes worn outside temple grounds, but within all followers go barefoot.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Animal, Law, War