Transformed_Tusmit.jpgRegion: Flanaess
Borders: Perrenland, Ket, Zeif, Ekbir
Capital: Setmur
Population: 273,000 (79% Human (Bo), 8% Dwarf, 6% Halfling, 3% Elf, 2% Gnome 2% Other)
Languages: Common, Ancient Bakluni, Dwarven
Alignment: LN, N, LG
Major Religions: Al’akbar, Istus, Geshtai, Jaahar, Xan Yae
Resources: Food, silver, gold
Overview: Originally a mere province of Zeif, it was conquered by Ekbir for a time, but eventually played both nations off the other to achieve independence (though lip service is paid to Zeif, even still). Ineffectual and outright corrupt rulers have plagued Tusmit for generations, but the current Pasha is attempting to return the nation to its former glory.