The so-called Transplants are nations, mostly island based, which arrived on Liga following the Night of Fire in 599 C.Y.

Known Transplants are the Blood Bayou, off the coast of the Sea Princes in the Azure Sea.

Durulzan, off the north-western coast of Kanos near Nang’kur.

Gashtalund, off the eastern coast of Kanos near G’dar.

Granbretan, off the western coast of Oerik, near Dragaera.

The Isle of the Purple Towns, off the southern coast of Oerik near Ngresh.

Melnibone, off the western coast of Hepmonaland, near Breeka’s Teeth and Cuhuetla.

Neulandia, perched between the continents of Oerik & Kanos, near Prax.

Pan Tang, off the east coast of Oerik, near the Great Kingdom.

And Xoxal, off the southern coast of Kanos, near Hannis.


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