The Flannae Pantheon

The People of the Flannaess

The Flannae people typically have skin tones that are best described as bronze; variations range from light copper to deep brown. Eye color is commonly dark, browns, black, or amber predominating. Hair is typically black, often wavy or curly.

Ancient Flannae typically wore little more than loincloths and body paints, though in some regions more developed tribes wore dyed leather clothing in solid primary colors.

The Flan tongue of old is primarily spoken only in Tenh today, although the version spoken there shows strong signs of drift.

The Flannae were the original inhabitants of the land known today as the Flannaess. Their oldest written history stretches back nearly 2800 years, but many of their older historical records perished with the fall of the empires of the region.

While most historians picture the Flan as being overall a peaceful, naturalistic folk, closely allied with the demi-humans they shared the land with, a true account of their history holds tales of empires every bit as dark and decadent as the other major races that occupy the Flannaess today.

Unremembered is the fact that oft whispered names such as Vecna and Kreptaris were at one point Flannae Mage-Kings, ruling vast empires of unfettered evil. It is no wonder that the survivors of their rule sought peaceful coexistence?

Unlike the other folk, however, the ancient Flannae empires left little behind themselves when they ultimately fell, and what little did remain was often purposefully scattered to the winds so that no memory of them could survive.

Modern Flannae Viewpoints: Duchy of Tenh, Grand Duchy of Geoff, Rovers of the Barrens

Important Dates in Flannae History (Dates are given in Common Year. The Flan calendar equates year 1 CY with 2151 FT)

-2741 – The founding of the Kingdom of Blackmoor, on the shores of the Icy Sea.

-2599 – Founding of the island nation known as the Isles of Woe in and around the Nyr Dyv.

-2581 – The Flan wizard, Galap-Dreidel builds Inverness to protect his “Soul Gem.”

-2448 – The Seven Tribes of the Sheldomar Valley unite to form the Kingdom of Nerask-Harad.

-2372 – The Archmage Tunrafe of Nerask, cousin to the King, journeys west to the lands of the Suel to study magic at their great universities.

-2347 – Tunrafe returns to Nerask-Harad, bearing with him a mysterious golden mask.

-2342 – Tunrafe, soon to be dubbed “the Bloody Handed”, murders his cousin and declares himself King of Nerask-Harad.

-2262 – Blackmoor and the Empire of Woe clash over control of the lands surrounding Whystil Lake. Tunrafe vanishes, leaving his son, Xecantha, to rule his lands.

-2240 – Baron Lum of Blackmoor fields his infamous Machine, scattering the armies of Woe and forcing them back to their own borders.

-2232 – General Leuk-O, commander of Baron Lum’s armies, begins fielding his own Machine.

-2224 – -2217 – The Kingdom of Blackmoor is cast into ruins as Leuk-O turns on his former liege, and the devastation wrought by their two engines of destruction leave naught but rubble behind.

-2132 – Prince Vecna is born to Xecantha’s heir, Voldask, who celebrates his son’s birth by murdering his father and taking the reigns of kingship for himself.

-2120 – Vecna is sent to study magic among the elves of Calissa. Later that same year, the armies of Woe invade Nerask-Harad, capturing the lands of modern-day Pomarj.

-2107 – Nerask-Harad and Woe battle again in what will someday be known as Bissel. Midyear, the forces of Woe retreat, as they are needed to repel an invasion from the jebline empire of Kragun on their northeast border.

-2102 – Prince Vecna returns from his time among the olves.

-2102 – -2091 – Sometime during this period, Vecna turns to the service of Tharizdun.

-2091 – Vecna murders his father to become the fourth King of Nerask-Harad. At his direction, a new capitol city, Ykrath, is constructed where the Sheldomar and Kewl rivers meet.

-2085 – Vecna officially moves the seat of his Kingdom to Ykrath, and begins experimenting (at first on captured enemies, but soon on his own people) with a planned breeding program the results in a variety of monstrosities, many of which survive to this day.

-2076 – Vecna discovers the formulae required to become a liche, and transforms himself into one.

-2043 – Ykrath is completed. Secure in his new capitol, Vecna and his armies ride west and crush the forces of Woe holding the Pomarj.

-2040 – -2024 – Vecna marches against the olven Kingdom of Calissa, leading an army of monsters, undead and humanoids. The olves retreat to their mountain fortresses in the nearby Kingdom of Aliador.

-2023 – Yagrax, Last Emperor of Woe, attempts to use the Codex of the Infinite Planes to defeat the Kragun, and instead sinks his island nation beneath the Nyr Dyv. Vecna’s army occupies their lands, and he declares himself Emperor of the Spidered Throne.

-2021 – -2000 – Vecna’s forces continue to drive those olves that remain further afield, sweeping the central plains east of Nyr Dyv and North, until they hold the plains to the feet of the Griff Mountains.

-1938 – The first of the Gray Olven mountain cities falls to Vecna’s armies. This is the beginning of the 400 Year War.

-1754 – -1748 – The Mountain Campaigns. The Olves force Vecna’s armies out of the mountains, only to be destroyed on the plains. Unopposed, Vecna’s forces march into the olven cities and leave not one stone atop another. Four cities, however, cloak themselves against detection, and survive. In the end, however, the bulk of Aliador lies in ruins at Vecna’s feet.

-1747 – Vecna receives the first ambassadors from Erelhei-Cinlu at his court in Ykrath. Trade in both slaves and information are welcomed by both sides.

-1745 – Drow agents reveal the location of The City of Summer Stars in exchange for certain considerations. Vecna’s forces are rebuked initially, but in the end, The City of Summer Stars is pillaged and razed. The remnants of the olven force located there flee south to what will someday become the Spindrift Isles.

-1742 – -1342 – Vecna’s Empire quickly expands to stretch from Jeklea Bay to the Icy Sea. Unopposed by any worthwhile enemies, Vecna turns his interests back towards his research, and his Empire slowly shrinks in response. Eventually his Empire slowly withdraws to encompass only those lands in the Sheldomar valley.

-1736 – A great fireball is seen to fall from the sky and crash into the mountains near modern day Geoff. Thousands flee the devestation, as smoke, ash, and strange, foul gasses permeate the region. Many strange, new monsters are reported in the region, spurring Vecna’s forces to capture samples. A vast cloud of dust persists, permitting drow traders to travel openly for several years afterwards.

-1625 – Founding of the Flannae Kingdom of Sulm in what will become the Bright Desert.

-1577 – -1542 – War erupts between Sulm and Vecna’s Empire; in the end Sulm is conquered.

-1397 – After 145 years of rule by Vecna’s Empire, Sulm is abandoned to it’s own fate.

-1159 – Shattados, mage-king of Sulm and his entire people are translated into Scorpion Men.

-1087 – Kas of Gorak is born.

-1049 – Bands of migrating Oeridians begin crossing into traditional Flannae lands, sometimes in peace, but more often coming into conflict with established tribes. Vecna’s forces war with those that intrude on his territory.

-1048 – -1013 – Suel bands join the Oeridians on their drive east, along with scattered Bakluni. Flannae tribes outside Vecna’s Empire are either extinguished or absorbed as the warring nations of the west spill out into the east.

-1042 – Kas becomes Vecna’s lieutenant.

-169 – Many things happen this year. To the west, the Suloise and Bakluni destroy each other in the Twin Cataclysms; some part of the energy released here is used to bind Tharizdun into a prison henceforth fueled by his own power. With his imprisonment, Vecna loses his patronage, weakening him slightly.
The province of Mara, near the heartland of Vecna’s Empire, refuses to give tribute, suspecting that with the Dark God missing, Vecna will be too weak to retaliate. To prove them wrong, Vecna and Kas journey there alone, and he levels their city with a wave of his hand. Sensing the toll this had on his liege, Kas chooses the time of their return to Ykrath to strike, but both perish in the destruction wrought.

422-493 – With the passing of Vecna. his empire splinters into a thousand petty kingdoms, most desiring a return to the simple lives of their ancestors. Many are conquered and/or absorbed by Oeridian, Suel, or Bakluni refugees.

479 – Iuz takes control of the lands that now bear his name.

512 – Last remnants of pure Flannae kingdoms located in the Pomarj fall to humanoid domination.

582 – Beginning in the Thrillonian Peninsula, war erupts, eventually dragging almost every nation into what will come to be called the Greyhawk Wars. Both Iuz and Ivid of the Great Kingdom summon thousands of demons and devils to bolster their armies.

584 – Turrosh Mak, a half-orc, rallies the tribes of the Pomarj, creating the first orcish state in the Flanaess. Additionally, the Scarlet Brotherhood, which had slowly infiltrated the courts of many nations as advisers and diplomats, reveals it’s true intentions by seizing control of several nations and destabilizing several more through assassination and forgery. Giants boiled out of the Crystalmist Mts. and overran the nations of Geoff and Sterich. The year finally drags to a close with war weary nations meeting in Greyhawk City to negotiate for peace. The Archmage Rary, of the Circle of Eight, slays two other members of that council in a bid to disrupt the treaty signing, then flees to the Bright Desert.

585 – “The Year of Peace” is anything but. The Ulek States still fought the newborn Kingdom of Pomarj for control of disputed territory, and Nyrond falls into civil war.

586 – Canon Hazen of Veluna employs the Crook of Rao, a powerful artifact, purging the Flanaess of nearly all fiends inhabiting it. Outsiders summoned by Iuz, Ivid, or independent evils fell victim to this magical assault, which became known as the Flight of Fiends. New kingdoms continue to arise from the ashes of the old nation states.

587 – Nyrond ends their civil war. Furyondy pushes back against the Empire of Iuz, attempting to recover lost territory for themselves and expatriates from the Shield Lands.

588 – 594 – War continues to sputter between Iuz & Furyondy, and among the various successor states to the Great Kingdom. The Kingdom of Shar, through it’s agents in the Scarlet Brotherhood, lose some of their captured states, but tighten their grip on others.

599 – Present Day.

Flannae Mythology

Before the Dawn, there was Beory Earth Mother and Boccob the Uncaring. Seeing that they were alone, they mated, and born from that union were Bright Pelor and Dark Tharizdun, the absolute powers of Light and Darkness

Beory would have taken both to her breast, but the two brothers could not dwell in peace together. They fought, and in the end the only peace they knew was when but one of them ruled the sky, and so we have day and night.

For many years after that, there was peace in the world. Boccob withdrew from Beory, content in his studies, so Beory and Pelor knew one another, and in due time she bore him many children; first born were Obad Hai of the Wilds & Berai of the Homestead, soon followed by Rao the Serene & Joramy the Quarreler. Rao knew Joramy, who bore him Zodal and Lirr. Next came Allitur and Myhriss, born of Berai and the Shalm. On surface of Liga, the flowering of life mimicked the Divine; animals and plants abounded, growing wild and unfettered.

Far from Beory’s Court, however, Tharizdun brooded in the darkness. An unnamed demoness had bore him a child, but was devoured by the child in the process. Born of Death, Nerull excelled in it’s practice. It would be many years before Tharizdun would make his bid for absolute power, and be bound for his arrogance, but the Nocturne Court would make many converts before that day would happen. At least one of the mortal empires that counted Tharizdun as their ultimate liege would fall with him, and be as completely forgotten as he.

Mortals would soon rise to join Beory’s Court as well, ascending to Godhood through various quests and divine service. Trithereon had several sons by a variety of mortal women, several of whom rose as heroes, Krovis being the best known of these. The Threefold Sainted Ones, St. Carmichael, St. Cuthbert and St. Trowbane ascended soon after this, followed by Kelanen.

The Flannae Pantheon

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