The Celestial Road

The Celestial Road

A massive magical artifact, variously believed to have been constructed by ancient ogres (known as the Irda) or perhaps ancient elves deep in the past of the world known as Krynn. The main physical ‘structure’ of the device lies somewhere in the first layer of the Nine Hells, with 13 “corridors” leading to a central area referred to as the Confluence. Each “corridor” is anchored to an external device, either an arch (see below) or a disk (see below), which can be located anywhere else and used to access (and exit) the Confluence. The “thirteenth” corridor is linked to a series of magical amulets (see below).

The Celestial Road is managed by “the Consortium”, a group of several high-level former adventurers who were instrumental in rediscovering and recovering most of the disks and arches that make up the system. The current disposition of the access points is as follows:


It is believed that 6 were made originally. Three have been recovered. Two are believed to have been destroyed. One remains missing, probably lost in Istar during the Cataclysm. Two of the three recovered amulets are currently in the possession of Greykin Spindel and Illmarien of Tol’Kraxis. The third amulet is currently used by the Solamnics. Though the amulets themselves are immune to magic they are stored in small pouches that are specially ensorcelled to return (as if by Succor spell) to a pre-designated place (Tower of Twilight’s Candle, The Bunker, Vingaard Keep respectively) if they are lost, stolen, a command word is spoken or the possessor dies. These pouches were created by psionic enchantment, and as such, enjoy all the protections that that form of magic enjoys (immunity to dispel magic, disjunction, anti-magic, and the like).

4 of these were constructed by the ancient ogres of Ansalon and Neulund. They are 25 feet wide, 20 feet tall and weigh many tons. Unlike the disks they are not limited to 1 person a minute, but they do have the same power requirements.

8 of these were constructed by the ancient ogres of Ansalon and Neulund. The earliest ones are believed to have been built by the ogres of Morriarch on Neulund. These obsidian platforms are perfectly round, measure 5 feet in diameter and weigh several hundred pounds. They can transport up to 1 person (plus a mount and up to their carrying capacity in weight) per round. Specially enchanted obsidian spheres (charged by a full day’s exposure to sunlight) are required to power the portal when it is not illuminated by direct sunlight.

The Celestial Road

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