If Tharizdun were still unbound, he would likely be the most powerful deity on Liga. His most common appellations include the Dark God, Lord of Decay, and Alpha/Omega.

At some point in the past, Tharizdun was bound into a prison fueled by his own power, so that he could not effect his own escape. But his servants (both mortal and divine) can work towards his release, and the very nature of his binding waxes and wanes so that there are times when he is more able to direct them in these efforts than others.

Cult in the World
Followers of Tharizdun strive to effect his release through the use of three powerful artifacts that when brought together, they believe, will release Tharizdun from his prison. Since nearly every sane being opposes the return of Tharizdun to power, they must work in secret, or face the stiffest of mundane punishments.

Tharizdun no longer has a High Holy Day, but his followers universally observe the 11th of Goodmonth for this purpose, with lesser services whenever one or the other moons enter their New phase. Services are conducted in secret, either underground or in abandoned temples of other cults (suitably despoiled and unconsecrated, of course).

Tharizdun’s colors are mauve, purple, or black.

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Knowledge, Void


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