Pelor is the Sun God; regarded as the Creator of most of the world, through the use of his powers of Light and Harmony.

Cult in the World

As the Sun God, Pelor’s worship has two aspects. In some areas he is seen as a peaceful figure concerned with relieving the suffering of others, while in others he is seen as a more martial figure, actively using his Solar might to drive back the forces of Darkness. In the areas where Pelor is seen as a more martial force, the cult of his once mortal, now divine, daughter, Mayaheine is also common.

Pelor’s High Holy Day is the 4th of Richfest, or Midsummer’s Day. Seasonal holidays are observed on the 4th of each Festival, as well. The 7th of Ready’reat is also considered especially sacred, as priests of Pelor and Zodal come together on the latter’s High Holy Day to offer healing to the poor free of charge. Temples to Pelor are generally constructed of white marble, and kept lit at all times.

Priests of Pelor generally wear either white robes trimmed in gold with the Solar Rune in yellow, or in gold-washed chainmail armor.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Good, Healing, Strength, Sun