Norebo is the deity of Luck and Gambling.

Cult in the World

Aside from Kord, Norebo is perhaps the second most popular Suel deity. He is the trickster figure of the pantheon, and when his avatars walk the world, they can be often found in common gambling houses, tweaking the law of averages so that they come out the winner. He is the son of Lendor, and father to Llerg, Lydia, Phyton, and Bralm.

Aside from gamblers and other risk takers, Norebo is often seen as a patron to thieves, though the sort of thieves attracted to Norebo’s faith are more often those who steal for sport, rather than for material gain.

Norebo’s followers most often observe the 4th of Brewfest as their High Holy Day, though some years this is moved to the middle of one of the other annual Festivals instead, Normal worship is conducted each Freeday, in a barrow-like structure located in the woods outside of the local community.

Norebo’s priests wear dark green or brown robes while on cult business.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Trickery