Nikolai's Dream of Delvenbrass

One night while along the road to your keep, you have an unusual dream.

You see the floor of the cavern beneath Delvenbrass swirling beneath you as you float above it. As you watch, a great hairy arm rises from the bubbling mass and drags you downwards, pulling you through what seems like miles of earth until at last you emerge in another cavern floored much like the one in Delvenbrass (with the swirling earth). As the arm continues to drag you forwards, you see an intersection of corridors, and from one of these you see a cavern filled with rippling flame.

Drawn ever onwards by this hairy arm, you eventually find yourself face to face with a grotesque toad-like creature, that raises you up to drop you into it’s mouth like a morsel of food. Before it can do so, however, a man dressed in a robe of rich black silk bids him to stop, saying “Not that one, my Lord, the little one! The hairfoot with a taste for books is the one we want. Put him back, and we shall try again….”

After that, you awaken….

Nikolai's Dream of Delvenbrass

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