Hater of Life, Bringer of Darkness, Gloom-King, Reaper of Flesh… all these and more are the titles ascribed to Nerull, Lord of the Dark. As befits his title, he is worshiped only in darkness, by those who embrace evil for enjoyment or gain. Son of Tharizdun and an unremembered demoness who died bearing him, Nerull is the Prince of Death.

Cult in the World

Nerull’s faith appeals to those who revel in the darkness, such as thieves, assassins, and their ilk. Altars to Nerull are typically dark stone dyed red with the blood of myriad sacrifices, and the relics of the order are crafted from copper or malachite. Beyond his powers over darkness and death, Nerull is also the judge of the spirits of the dead, especially of those over whom no other god has dominion (i.e. non-initiates of any faith, or those who, for whatever reason, find themselves with nowhere else to go once death has claimed them).

Nerull’s High Holy Day occurs on 11th of Goodmonth, known to many as Walpurgis or Darkest Night. Lesser holidays are celebrated whenever one or the other of the moons is dark with the other in crescent, the “Lesser Darks”. Ceremonies are conducted in dark basalt temples, or in subterranean shrines and vaults in complete darkness.

Typical priestly garb consists of rust-red or blackish-rust colored robes with the skull and scythe symbol emblazoned upon them.

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Death, Evil, Trickery