Known as the Prince of Time and the Master of Tedium, Lendor is the God of Linear Time.

Cult in the World

Lendor’s followers are few, but in a sense, all beings worship him simply by living their lives from moment to moment. Those few who worship him directly are mostly seen as sages, historians, diviners, and those who seek to know what the future or the past truly contains.

Lendor’s cult is divided into two separate sects, inside and outside of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Lendor’s cult observes the 1st of Fireseek as their High Holy Day, with regular observances the first of each month. Additional holy days are observed each time Celene passes crescent in front of a full Luna (4th of Wealsun, 19th of Reaping, & 19th of Patchwall). Services are held in a Church sanctified to Lendor.

Official clerical garb of Lendor’s cult consists of a white hat and robe, with silver trim.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Protection