The Lady of Our Fate, the Colorless and All-Colored, is the Mistress of Fate, Predestination, and the Future. She is the mother of the Bakluni gods and goddesses, and the true heart and soul of their culture.

Cult in the World

As the power governing Fate, Istus is often seen as cynical or uncaring, being that Fate often operates in ways that are unclear to mortals. In truth, Istus cares so deeply for everything that she cannot allow the hopes of the few to impede the Destiny of the many. In the end, everyone truly does get what they deserve, in this world, or the next.

The High Holy Day for Istus is the 28th of Sunsebb, last day of the year. Lesser observances are held on the 28th of each month, and sometimes, if the omens are right, on the Midpoint of the various Festivals throughout the year. Services to Istus are held in High Mosques dedicated to her, which often do double duty as mosques to Koram, her husband, as well.

Istus is served primarily by women; less than 20% of her servants are male. Both sexes wear caftans of rich silk or gray or black, often with a silver stitching resembling a spider-web. Hair is worn long, and the head left uncovered.

Alignment: True Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Luck, Law