Humans on Liga

There are twelve ethnicity’s of humans on Liga, many of which have distinct cultures, religions, and ways of life. They are as follows:

Bakluni (B): The Bakluni people are characterized by skin described by many as ‘golden’, with eyes of gray-green and dark, usually black hair.

Deryni (D): The Deryni are characterized by skin thought of as tanned, predominantly with dark blonde to light brown hair. Red hair is uncommon, and generally seen as a mark of nobility or power. Eyes range from blue to green. Deryni have a natural gift for psionics.

Flan (F): The Flannae people typically have skin tones that are best described as bronze; variations range from light copper to deep brown. Eye color is commonly dark, browns, black, or amber predominating. Hair is typically black, often wavy or curly.

Gloran (G): Gloran skin tones range from reddish tan to a distinct rusty red tone. Hair tends to be dark brown or bluish black, with gray or hazel eyes.

Oeridian (O): The Oeridian people are characterized by skin tones ranging from tan to olive, with hair that runs from honey-blonde to black, with tones of reddish brown predominating. Eye color covers a similarly wide range, but brown and gray are the most common shades. Oeridian births tend towards fraternal twins; identical siblings are not unknown, but are less common than even single births.

Nelani (N): The Nelani people have a rich reddish brown skin tone that often has eddies and swirls of darker brown seeming scrolled across the arms, legs, and torso. Eyes are generally bright green or silver-gray, with tightly kinked copper or bronze colored hair.

Olman (Z): Olmans tend towards skin tones in the dark reddish-brown, with black hair and dark brown eyes. Facial hair is unknown, except for eyebrows.

Rhenee®: Rhenee tend to have olive complexions and dark brown to black hair. Males tend towards wiry thinness, while the females grow increasingly voluptuous as they age.

Shirani (L): The Shirani have ashy blue skin, yellow to gray eyes, and gray, white, or (rarely) silver hair.

Suhfang ©: The Suhfang have amber to almond colored skin tones, straight black hair, and brown or green eyes. Many have almond shaped eyes, as well. Tend to be 4-6" shorter than other ethnic types, as well.

Suloise (S): The Suloise people are characterized by fair, sometimes nearly albino skin, blonde or reddish hair, and eyes ranging in color from gray to blue to purple.

Touv (T): The Touv people are typically dark brown or black in color, with straight or occasionally wavy black hair. Blue eyes predominate over brown, and the rare black eyed child is often considered for training in magic.

The letter in parenthesis after each ethnicity is used in the population figures to indicate the races present in a region. Capital letters are dominant, lower case means a smaller percentage of the whole.

Humans on Liga

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