Huchard (Hu-Charad)

Giants call themselves Hu-Charad, which means “the stewards,” but everyone else just calls them giants—and for good reason.

Giants are massive creatures, standing up to 12 feet tall. Except for their size, they look like normally proportioned humans; to them, humans appear like children. In fact, young giants are indeed the size of adult humans.

Three hundred years ago, tales say, a dying giant—a prince— crawled into a fabulous giant city in a land far across the sea. Only one word passed his lips before he expired: “West.” No one knew what killed him or what he meant for sure, but the only thing that lay west was the boundless sea. Following this omen, however, many giants climbed aboard ships of great size and sailed across the sea to discover the land of the humans—and the dramojh who had enslaved them. As is the nature of giants, the discovery of a new land invoked in them a powerful sense of responsibility. These giants, in the mindset of what they call Chi-Julud, conquered the land and its people so they could oversee
and protect it. They built wondrous cities and the Diamond Throne, from which they would rule. Again, as is their way, the giants used rituals to change their own nature from warlike to the just wardens of their new territory. Some people grew to love the giants and the boons that they brought the otherwise dangerous and unruly land, but others did not.

Today, however, the giants face a new challenge. The dragons who once ruled the land they now call home have returned. While the dragons are grateful for the giants’ efforts in ridding the land of the dramojh, they say that, according to ancient pacts made with giantkind, the Hu-Charad should return to their home across the sea. How will the stewards of the land react to this new turn of events? Some are affronted, and ready the Wardance once again.

Some are confused or afraid. Others look at it as a fine excuse to go back across the Great Eastern Sea to their race’s ancestral home. The life of a giant revolves around ritual and ceremony. Even giants’ growth to their massive size depends on rituals called the Shu-Rin (“attaining the essence”). There are three stages of Shu-Rin, and at the third, giants achieve their growth potential. Since not every giant goes through all three stages of the ritual, giant heights can vary considerably.

Giants are incredible builders. They construct fantastic structures of stone, glass, and metal. Their cities are wonders, with everything sized to seem grand—even on their own large scale.

Physical Description: A giant character starting at 1st level stands about 7 feet tall, at the very end of the initial stage of maturity. Only through ritual can a giant achieve his full height, which can reach 10 to 12 feet. Males often wear beards. Both males and females usually keep their hair short.

Giants are long-lived but slow to reach maturity, by human standards.

Relations: Giants look upon themselves as the stewards of all the land. They rule, to be sure, but in their view they protect rather than exploit. They give more than they take. They see themselves as patrons and guardians, guiding others to do the right thing and protecting them from danger. Of course, not all members of the other races appreciate this sentiment—it garners resentment from some humans, verrik, and quite a few mojh.

Outlook: Giants value order, safety, and peace. They are not power hungry, but they do have a deeply ingrained feeling of responsibility. So deep does this sense run that they take it upon themselves to protect everyone and everything.

Giant Racial Traits
• The giants’ massive physique grants them prodigious strength, but makes them less nimble than other creatures. They enjoy
a +2 racial bonus to Strength but suffer a –2 racial penalty to Dexterity.
• Giants. Unlike most other races, giants are not humanoid in type, but Giant.
• Medium: As Medium creatures, giants have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. Giants can grow to be very large, however.
• Giant base speed is 30 feet.
• Wise in the ways of dealing with others, giants earn themselves a +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy and Sense Motive skill checks.
• Giants enjoy a +2 racial bonus to all Craft skill checks.
• Automatic Languages: Common and Huchard.
• Bonus Languages: Any.
• Giants always gain Knowledge (giants) as a class skill.
• Racial Levels: Giants can take a few levels in “giant” as a class to become more giantish.

Huchard (Hu-Charad)

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