Hextor is the brother of Heironeous (Erythnul’s child by his rape of Sotillion), and he epitomizes the flip side of the coin of War. Hextor is the very essence of Hate, Discord, Conflict, and Fitness.

Whereas Heironeous champions such concepts as fair fights, chivalry, and justice, Hextor’s followers school themselves in the skills of assassination and ambush, and teaches that any measure that wins a battle is worthwhile.

Cult in the World

Hextor’s faith thrives in dark, bloodied halls of stone, erected on the sites of military slaughters. Followers of Hextor are considered wanderers by choice, forever roaming the world in search of battles to fight, sowing discord wherever they can.

Hextor’s Holiest Night is the 18th of Flocktime, and his clergy observes lesser days on the 18th of each month. Clerical garb consists of black robes with white skulls or grey, screaming faces embroidered upon them.

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Law, War