Heironeous is the child of Sotillion and Erythnul by rape; but he was raised to manhood alongside Pholtus of the Blinding Light by his foster-father, Delleb. Whereas Hextor was raised by his father to be the Dark Warrior, Heironeous is most certainly is the Bright, embodying the concepts of Chivalry, Honor, Valor and Justice. Heironeous is called “The Invincible”, for he has never retreated from the field of battle, and it is said that his skin itself has been treated to harmlessly turn the blows of most weapons. Heironeous’ weapon of choice is the battle axe.

Cult in the World

Heironeous’ faith thrives on righteous combat, championing causes of good, and thwarting the plans of Hextor’s minions.

Heironeous observes Midsummer’s Day as his High Holy Day, in addition to normal services each Godsday. Services are conducted in a church, adorned with stained glass windows and blue and silver wall hangings.
Heironeous’ followers commonly wear blue robes chased with silver over polished chain-mail.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Good, Luck, War


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