Dalt is the God of Portals, Doors, Locks, and Keys.

Cult in the World

Dalt began his ascent to godhood as the Captain of the Guards in the grand Cathedral of the Dark Eyed Lady in Zinbyle. This was in the days when the rivalry between Wee Jas and Syrndro was at its height, and open warfare existed between the two faiths. While most of the other guards and initiates fought a fire started by the enemy, Dalt remained behind to guard the entrance to the temple against over a hundred mercenaries hired by Syrndro’s cult to loot the burning temple.

The steps of the temple ran black in the moonlight that night, but Dalt stood fast and refused to give the attackers entry to his Lady’s temple. When the first light of the dawn broke, it found Dalt’s body still blocking the entranceway, with 134 corpses piled before him.

For his dedication and bravery, Wee Jas herself restored him to life, and taught to him the secrets of the Hero’s Path. Over the next several decades, Dalt came to be associated with Portals, Magic, and Guardianship.

Outside the Sunelan Empire, he is mostly a forgotten deity (the reasons for this are themselves forgotten, but whispered to be related to the seals guarding the Dark God…) though his cult survives as a sub-cult of Wee Jas’, and at that one little known outside of three main centers, one being the Obsidian Tower in Urnst, another being the (now ruined) Night’s Sepulcher complex in the hills of the Isle of Lendore, and the rumored revolutionary Crimson Sept inside the Scarlet Brotherhood’s borders.

Dalt’s followers (where they exist) revere the 12th of Sunsebb as their High Holy Day. Services are held in the same cathedrals/temples that Wee Jas’ cult utilize.

Priestly garb includes royal blue robes with the Rune of Portals emblazoned in silver on the left breast.

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Good, Protection, Travel, Trickery


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