Region: Foralian Crescent
Borders: Gwyndar, Luminarch, Sandeski
Capital: Thendara
Population: 220,000 (93% Human (D), 3% Elf, 2% Siarran, 1% Luminous, 1% Other)
Languages: Deryni, Casta, Elven, Siarran, Common
Alignment: CG, N, LN
Major Religions: None
Resources: Lumber, spices
Notable: The Towers
Overview: Daleruth is best known for the highly trained telepaths that are trained in the towers that dot the landscape of this nation. The ruler of Daleruth is advised by the Comyn Council, made up from the seven noble families of the realm, each of which is powerfully gifted in a different branch of the psionic arts. Even though most of the population has measurable psionic gifts, personal disagreements are settled by the sword, as custom decrees that anyone who would do another harm must stand an equal chance to be harmed themselves.