Region: Centeo Jungle
Borders: Hezcua Mts., Sharbakal, Anatal, Alocotla, Xolapeqa
Capital: Cuhuetla (coo-hoo-ET-la)
Population: 12,000 (90% Human (Ot), 3% Beastmen, 2% Mongrelmen, 5% Other)
Languages: Etlani, Touv, Ralat, Common
Alignment: LN, LG
Major Religions: Breeka, Kundo, Uvot
Resources: Bronze, food, rare woods
Notable: None
Overview: One of the last holdouts of the Olman, it was conquered by the Touv several hundred years ago. But the Touv governors were kind, outlawing only their gods (and their human sacrifices) so most of the populace soon embraced the culture of their conquerors. Most citizens today favor Olman skin tones, but Touv hair. With the collapse of Kunda, Cuhuetla has sought neutrality with her neighbors, but war may come soon with Xolapeqa over kidnappings.