Bralm is the Suel Goddess of Insects and Industriousness. She is the mother of Pyremius and Beltar, and sister to Phyton.

Cult in the World

Bralm’s cult serves a variety of functions in the world both before the fall of the Suloise Imperium and since. As the Goddess of Insects, she is invoked to protect crops and homes from infestation As the goddess of Industriousness, she is called upon to place her blessing on any task that calls for skill and repetition.

Bralm’s cult observes the 14th of Goodmonth as their High Holy Day, with normal services each Workday. Services are held in vast, labyrinth-like temples constructed above and below ground, of natural materials, often designed to resemble the hives or nests of giant insects.

Priests of Bralm typically wear caped robes of dun-brown and yellow decorated with insect designs..

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Animal, Law, Strength, Toil