Beory is the Great Oerth Mother. She is also mother to most of the major Flannae gods and goddesses. In addition to her title as the Fountain of Life, she is also revered as the goddess of Fertility, Nature, and Rain.

Cult in the World

Beory was one of the Gods of the Dawn; existing at the beginning of the world, nay, she defined the world. From herself she created Bright Pelor and Dark Tharizdun, the powers governing not only Day and Night, but Life and Death. When Tharizdun retreated before Pelor, she took Pelor as her consort and bore many sons and daughters, all of whom would define life, living, and joy in the world.

Beory’s High Holy Day is the 4th of Growfest, with lesser holy days on the 4th of each festival and normal services conducted on the 14th of each month. Weather permitting, services to Beory are conducted outdoors, sky-clad.

Otherwise, priestesses and worshipers alike don simple robes of tan or brown.

Alignment: True Neutral
Domains: Animal. Earth, Plant, Water