Arfa Dumor Summit, 4 Brewfest, 605 CY

As per your direction, I arrived in Arfa Dumor on the 1st of Brewest, under the assumed identity of Nurama Hide, an agent of the Kolat known to Boffa, Durklemes’ lieutenant. Perhaps 150 dignitaries were in attendance, most of local import, being assorted oni clan leaders, city leaders, warchiefs, etc. But a substantial complement were foreigners, many from nations I would be hard-put to locate on a map.

As with any summit, it was rife with conspiracies, cliques, and double-dealing. Seven notable deaths, mostly among foreigners.

Assessments: Did not meet with or see Fu Leng in person, but it was widely rumored that he was in attendance. Did see Durklemes, but only in passing, again no personal meetings. Met mainly with Boffa, who grilled me extensively on what aid I (through the Kolat) could provide over the coming years. Main thrust of summit seemed to be on building lasting alliances, a new direction for Fu Leng, possibly inspired by Durklemes.

Got the distinct impression that Durklemes, despite being Fu Leng’s, was very much running his own organization as well. Several of the foreign dignitaries spent hours and hours with him, particularly Chan Clar of Suhfang, Hennik of Neulund (wherever that is), and Duchess Sard of Granbretan (as you asked, I kept an eye out for their people, and several were in attendance). Sard & Hennik, in particular, seemed anxious to sell weapons, both having ranged weapons of devastating potency. I lost two associates assassinating Hennik, but I believe I managed to put the blame firmly on the delegation from Jahind. For whatever the information is worth, Hennik appeared human, but clearly was not, as he was hard to put down and appeared to have metal filaments running under his skin.

Arfa Dumor Summit, 4 Brewfest, 605 CY

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