Utuchekulu Dwarves

The utuchekulu (oo-too-cheh-KOO-loo) are Hepmonaland’s dwarves. Traditionally, they dwelled underground in the Kelo Mountain range, but were driven to the surface many years ago when a powerful volcanic eruption destroyed their kingdom. Though still antisocial in many ways, the utuchekulu have attempted to adapt to surface life.

Personality: Utuchekulu display the same gruff personalities dwarves are noted for in other lands. However, few have the stereotypical “heart of gold” underneath — they are gruff all the way through (-4 to CHA).

Physical Description: Utuchekulu appear as ebony-skinned dwarves with wild black hair and blood-red teeth. This tooth color is not natural; the dwarves actually dye their teeth with special berries collected from mountain vines. One tooth is especially long and grows into a sharp fang with which an utuchekulu can deliver an effective bite attack

Both male and female utuchekulu wear white linen skirts that extend to the knees. While the males go bare-chested, females usually wear a filmy linen blouse for purposes of modesty. Both male and female utuchekulu are capable of growing facial hair; males grow wiry beards, while females usually shave theirs. Headdresses are common, especially those made of white linen and adorned with gold or iron. Female utuchekulu are also fond of iron and gold jewelry. While some utuchekulu go barefoot, most wear heavy leather sandals.

Utuchekulu use fairly traditional dwarven weapons, mostly axes and hammers. They dislike shields, preferring to wield two-handed weapons whenever possible.

Relations: Utuchekulu are ancient enemies of the gnomish kitunusi. They have neutral relations with most other races and cultures, though no one actually trusts them.

Art: Like dwarves throughout the world, the utuchekulu produce fine metal and stonework.

Food: Utuchekulu eat a variety of subterranean mosses and lichens, some of which thrive on the sulfurous fumes of the volcanoes and smell like rotten eggs. Members of the other races find utuchekulu foods nearly indigestible.

Names: Male and female utuchekulu names are indistinguishable. A few common utuchekulu names are: Abes, Ameren, Aris, Ashuhris, Atum, Halike, Heoma, Ibioye, Imhotrematep, Imhottis, Itis, Jaho, Jaha, Kachi, Khnumsera, Kisimba, Kumulogo, Kwasor, Kwate, Mera, Mosis, Mubinna, Mudika, Tumenti, Turamteti, Ushachonis, Uzoma, Xenkhen, Zema, and Zwarbi.

Adventurers: Many utuchekulu have grown frustrated with attempts to reclaim their former glories, and have left to find a new place in the world.

Utuchekulu Dwarves

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