Korobokuru Dwarves

Korobokurus are a specific type of Sundered dwarf common to the Celestial region of Oerik. Most live in barren wilderness areas where they seldom come into contact with humans. They live in simple villages, tending small farms in secluded areas. They typically avoid any contact or involvement in the affairs of the world outside their farms, but occasional individuals, driven by wanderlust or inspired by some contact with human civilization, find their way into human lands. Korobokurus are uncommon, but found in the lands of Chomur, Suhfang, and Chosok in Central Oerik.

They are less intelligent (-2 INT) than other types of dwarves, but gain Run and Toughness as bonus feats.

Personality: Humans look down on korobokurus in more ways than one, and stereotype them as being rude, belligerent, boastful, and somewhat comical. Korobokurus resent this reputation, but generally do little to disprove it. That aside, they have simple tastes, enjoying community life in their small villages, telling wildly fanciful stories around a fire, simple arts, and collecting treasure. They consider it poor taste to display their wealth, and usually carry only a few coins on their person.

Physical Description: Korobokurus stand about 4 feet tall. Their arms and legs are slightly longer in proportion to their bodies than those of a human. They are leaner than dwarves, averaging 120 to 140 pounds. Most are bowlegged. They have big, bright eyes, usually blue, green, or brown. Their ears are small and somewhat pointed. Their noses are round with flaring nostrils, and their lips are wide and full. Thick hair, usually light brown or blond, covers their arms and legs and grows in wild tangles from their heads. Most adult males have sparse beards, and even a few women have short whiskers sprouting beneath their chins.

Korobokurus look wild and unkempt. They favor simple clothing, such as cotton shirts and trousers, or a kimono tied at the waist with a rope sash. Their clothing is often loose or over-sized, wrinkled but clean. They shun bright colors in favor of earth tones. They avoid gaudy jewelry, but often wear colorful stones on leather straps around their necks and sometimes decorate their hair with flowers.

Relations: Most other races find korobokurus primitive and inferior, and rarely embrace them as equals. In return, they become insular and don’t seek interaction with outsiders. They particularly despise goblinoid creatures and initially react to other races with suspicion. Members of other races need to earn their trust.

Korobokuru Lands: Korobokurus dwell in remote sites of great natural beauty, such as lush mountain valleys, sprawling tropical forests, snowy wooded mountainsides, and crater lakes in ancient volcanoes. They live in simple villages or camps, erecting crude buildings with thatched roofs and walls formed of mud, sticks, and rocks. A typical korobokuru village consists of a single extended family.

Korobokurus who venture into human lands may support themselves with their simple arts (paintings, woodcuttings, or carved statuettes) or through an adventuring life. Such individuals are quite rare.

Male Names: Bun, Bod, Dath, Fek, Mog, Tod, and Vun.

Female Names: Bin, Dim, Fain, Gim, Mem, Mon, Tas, and Wan.

Clan Names: Kuo-ban, Gia-mun, Hua-kag, Jun-tua, Ten-min, and Yak-rui.

Adventurers: A korobokuru adventurer is usually motivated by the needs of his people. If a korobokuru community faces a problem it does not know how to handle, it typically falls to a single hero—whether a volunteer or a candidate chosen by the elders—to venture into the outside world to find a solution.

Korobokuru Dwarves

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