Region: Jaguar’s Foreleg
Borders: Rajifan, Flurosor, Baercan, Golin’asad, Nang’kur
Capital: Unjulru
Population: 1.1 million (55% Vishkanyas, 35% Human (To), 5% Mhuinntir, 5% Other)
Languages: Vishkanyas, Touv, Casta, Ralat, Common
Alignment: LN, N, LE
Major Religions: Nisroch, Belial, Mammon
Resources: Food, iron, gems, lumber
Notable: None
Overview: Fansteris was once part of the vast nation of Kwajifan that was shattered when the nange revolted against their vishkanyan masters and set the lands to ruin. Many of the oldest noble families fled here to lick the wounds to their fortunes and their pride. Bereft of their slaves, those nobles sought new ones, buying from the pirates of Flurosor as well as raiding Mazarazca. Fansteris is much like Kwajifan of old, merely with a different underclass.

Fansteris boasts a rigid caste system, where every being knows it’s place. Slaves are poorly treated on the whole, seen as a renewable resource. Visitors to this nation are few, as they are treated almost as poorly. Strongly matriarchal, excess males are often cut loose from their families at an early age and left to fend for themselves. Bands of such males often join “fighting societies” that teach a variety of martial skills, and sell their talents to the various noble and merchant families as enforcers.

Magically, females are traditionally trained in the arcane arts (as sha’irs or witches), with males pursuing divine or psionic roles. Sorcerers and warlocks can be found among wither sex. Males often train as fighters, but different fighting societies favor swashbucklers, warlords, or monks.

Vishkanyans distrust gunpowder, but having it effectively used against them by the gnomes of Baercan and Golin’asad is changing their minds. Unfortunately, many are allergic to the smoke created by the use of gunpowder, so it may be awhile before it sees widespread use.


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