Elven Races of Liga

There are twelve elven sub-races common to Liga.

The oldest elven civilization is technically that of the Dragaeran Empire. The Seventeen Houses they are divided into each have slight but important differences between them. They also boast the largest population, though they seldom travel far from their homeland in south-western Oerik.

The second oldest are the Grey Elves, whose largest concentration in modern times is the Shattered Empire of Ravilla. Celene also boasts a significant numbers of Grey Elves among their population.

High Elves make up the third largest population, but they are far more dispersed than their cousins. The Spindrift Isles are their largest current concentration, as most of their former nations fell to Vecna’s forces over a millennia ago.

Aquatic Elves make up the fourth largest group, with small nations scattered off the coastlines of both Oerik, Hepmonaland, and Kanos.

Drow Elves make up the fifth most common species, dwelling in cities and communities in the Underdark regions of Oerik, though primarily limited to the Flanaess and the Horn of Nelan.

Wood Elves are next, with scattered communities across the breadth of Oerik and Kanos.

Snow Elves can be found among the Crystalmist Mountains in the Flanaess, as well as the frigid wastes of Hyboria.

Wakyambi Elves are rare outside Hepmonaland, though a few scattered tribes are rumored to exist in the northernmost jungles of Kanos.

Bamboo Elves are primarily found from the Celestials and southeast, into the Horn of Niphon region of Oerik.

Avariel, or sky-elves, have scattered aeries across Oerik and Kanos.

Grugach Elves are the penultimate least common race of elves on Liga. They exist only in the wildest, most remote corners of Oerik and Kanos.

Valley Elves make up the smallest elven sub-race, existing only in the Valley of the Mage, from which they take their name.

Elven Races of Liga

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