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  • The Touv Pantheon

    The People

    The Touv people are typically dark brown or black in color, with straight or occasionally wavy black hair. Blue eyes predominate over brown, and the rare black eyed child is often considered for training in magic.

  • Berna

    Berna is the goddess of Passion and Forgiveness.

    Cult in the World

    Born the third and final child of the serpent god Meyanok, Berna was once the goddess of hatred and vengeance. But when her father charged her with the

  • Breeka

    Breeka is the goddess of living things.

    Cult in the World

    Breeka is regarded as somewhat distant to her charges, but this is not truly so. It is simply that in balancing all the aspects of her existence, she can never

  • Chosok

    Chosok is the Touv god of War.

    Cult in the World

    Brother to Kundo, Chosok took a different course, taking the metal of his mothers province to form weapons, and the violence of his fathers storms to weild

  • Damaran

    Damaran is the god of vermin and cowardice.

    Cult in the World

    Damaran is the middle child of Meyanok, as well as the most unsightly. A coward through and through, his only companions are vermin insects, rodents,

  • Katay

    Katay is the god of Birth, Time, and Death.

    Cult in the World

    Firstborn son of Breeka, Katay symbolizes the inevitable march of time from birth to final decay.

    In myths, Katay is remembered best as the creator of

  • Kundo

    Kundo is the god of structures, music, labor and defense.

    Cult in the World

    Born the son of Xanag (by way of Vogan), he takes part in some of each of his parents. He builds in stone (cousin to Xanags metal) to

  • Lodot

    Lodot is the Master of Magic and Luck.

    Cult in the World

    Lodot was born in the city of Ikelan when it was little more than a fishing village. Even at a very young age, people remarked at the way things just seemed to

  • Meyanok

    Meyanok is the god of darkness, venom, and serpents.

    Cult in the World

    Known as the Dark Serpent of Pain, he is the son of Breeka, and father to all the other evil spirits of the pantheon. Consumed by hatred for his

  • Nola

    Nola is the Sun Goddess, the Healer, Nurturer and Revealer.

    Cult in the World

    Nola was the first born daughter of Uvot, and the mother of Breeka and Xanag. Nola brings warmth to all of creation, driving away the cold and

  • Uvot

    Uvot is the God of Prosperity.

    Cult in the World

    Uvot is revered by all as the creator of the Touv, and as the leader of their pantheon. He symbolizes everything that the Touv as a people should strive for, namely the use

  • Vara

    Vara is the goddess of Nightmares and Fear.

    Cult in the World

    Vara was the firstborn child of Meyanok, and in her pride she considers herself the superior of all her siblings. She ruthlessly uses her powers to control and

  • Vogan

    Vogan is the Touv god of Weather and Storms.

    Cult in the World

    Vogan was among the first children of Uvot, and he had children by both Nola and Xanag, for it was his nature to wander the earth, seeking union and spreading

  • Xanag

    Xanag is the goddess of Metals and Beauty.

    Cult in the World

    Xanag was born of Nola and Uvot, and is thought to be the very spirit of Earth transformed by Fire. She is also the spirit of Beauty, and chooses to express this

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