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  • Al'Akbar

    AlAkbar is the god of Guardianship, Faithfulness, and Duty.

    Cult in the World
    According to Bakluni mythology, AlAkbar was the first Sultan of the Arir, one of the great noble clans of the Bakluni. Born to a

  • Najima

    Najima is the god of curiosity, adventure, and exploration.

    Cult in the World

    Najima began his life as a young nobleman in the ancient city a Bajhnash, the seventh son of a seventh son, heir to the family name but not much

  • Nolzur

    Nolzur is the Goddess of Substance from Dreams

    Cult in the World

    Nolzur was the only daughter of one of the most powerful Shahs of the old Bakluni Empire. He loved his daughter so much, he could deny her nothing, not even

  • Krovis

    The Hero Cult of Krovis is one that is little known to the majority of the inhabitants of the Flanaess; he appears at best every millennium or so, rising from his hidden temple to keep the lands of the central Flanaess free from oppression.


  • Mayaheine

    Mayaheine was once the mortal daughter of Pelor, but as she grew to adulthood, she felt the blood of her divine sire coursing through her, and it called her first to the Heropath, and through that fire to her heritage as a member of her Fathers

  • Saint Carmichael

    St. Carmichael is the god of Peace.

    Cult in the World

    St. Carmichael is part of a trinity of three ascended mortals who followed Rao in life, yet took separate paths emulating their Lord.

    Carmichael trod the Path of

  • Saint Trowbane

    St. Trowbane is the god of Serenity.

    Cult in the World

    St. Trowbane is part of a trinity of three ascended mortals who followed Rao in life, yet took separate paths emulating their Lord.

    Trowbane trod the Path of

  • Heward

    Heward is Lord of Composition, revered by troubadours, bards, and other musicians across the Flanaess. He is also revered by those who construct musical instruments.

    Cult in the World

    Hewards cult is small, and

  • Keoghtom

    Keoghtom is the God of Planar Travel.

    Cult in the World

    Keoghtom is a mercurial figure of motion and travel. Companion in legend to deities such as Heward, Zagyg, Murlynd, and Celestian, he epitomizes and defines journeys

  • Zagyg

    Zagyg is known as the Mad Archmage, and is accounted as the god of humor, occult studies, unpredictablility, and eccentricity. He is the only known servant of Boccob the Uncaring..

    Cult in the World

    Zagyg does not command

  • Daern

    Daern is the goddess of Defense and Fortifications. She is popularly accounted to have been a mortal daughter of Dellebs, who rose to join her father among the ranks of the gods (though she may just have been one of Dellebs mortal

  • Johydee

    Johydee is the goddess of Espionage, Deception, and Protection. She ascended to divine status several centuries ago, after the events that led to the creation of the artifact that bears her name. In life, she was a priestess of Heironeous.


  • Kuroth

    The Oeridian thief known as Kuroth (CURahth) is said have been the most puissant among the practitioners of his ancient profession. Sponsored by Olidammara after a risky quest for the Laughing Rogue, Kuroth is gaining recognition among more than just

  • Dalt

    Dalt is the God of Portals, Doors, Locks, and Keys.

    Cult in the World

    Dalt began his ascent to godhood as the Captain of the Guards in the grand Cathedral of the Dark Eyed Lady in Zinbyle. This was in the days when the

  • Vatun

    Vatun is the Master of Winter Ice, Arctic Beasts, and Northern Barbarians

    Cult in the World

    Vatun was once the center of the Frost, Ice, and Snow Barbarians cult of Ancestor Worship.

    Revered as the first High King

  • Wastri

    Wastri is sometimes known as the Hopping Prophet, or as the Hammer of the Demi-Humans.

    Cult in the World

    While not technically a member of any official list of Suel deities, he is included here because of his origins as a

  • Lodot

    Lodot is the Master of Magic and Luck.

    Cult in the World

    Lodot was born in the city of Ikelan when it was little more than a fishing village. Even at a very young age, people remarked at the way things just seemed to

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