Tag: Episode 47


  • Wilfred's Vision

    As you lean against Mekkatorques body for an hour of rest, you find yourself drifting. Up, through the rock over your head, then soaring over the Riftcanyon, until you are high enough to see it in totality.

    Beneath you, the land is

  • Squizzle's Vision

    As your sight dims, you find yourself caught in a swirl of what you mistake at first for Autumn leaves, but you soon recognize as dragon scales.

    Out of the storm of swirling scales steps Old Hrothim, the witch-doctor of your tribe. Five

  • Sam's Vision

    As you rest your head against the wall, you find yourself reflecting on the riches that surround you, wealth youre forbidden to touch. As you try and rest, try to recover your strength, you notice a beetle scuttling towards you. In fact, as it

  • Elerra's Vision

    As you lean against the wall near the Obsidian Mirror, you are overcome in your reverie and drift away. You suddenly find yourself standing in the Vault, standing in one of the high overlooks. You can see that the streets surrounding the Concourse are

  • Alexia's Vision

    You find yourself standing over a ruined landscape. Murlynd is beside you, but you cannot hear his words over the howling wind. Theres a wound on his chest, and blood is slowly staining his white tunic a deep crimson. His face grows visibly

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