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  • Fortubo

    Fortubo, the God of Stone, Metals, and Mountains.

    Cult in the World

    While a full god of the Suloise, (being the son of Kord and Osprem), he is not greatly revered among the humans of that race. Content to let his brother,

  • Abbathor

    Known variously as the Avaricious, the Master of Greed, and the Trove Lord.

    Cult in the World

    Born the son of of Moradin and Berronar, and twin brother to Vergadain, Abbathor is the dark patron of dwurin thieves and an

  • Berronar Truesilver

    Berronar is the mother goddess of the dwur, matron of the home, hearth, tradition and truth.

    Cult in the World

    Berronar is often seen as the glue that holds the sometimes fractuous dwur pantheon together. Symbolizing

  • Clangeddin Silverbeard

    Clangeddin is the primary warrior god among the dwur.

    Cult in the World

    The Father of Battle, the Twin-Axed Lord, Goblynbane, Wyrmslayer, these and many more are the titles given to Clangeddin Silverbeard. Dwurin warriors

  • Diinkarazan

    Usually known simply as the Lost, Diinkarazan is the half-forgotten Derro deity of chaos, madness, and the swirling abyss.

    Cult in the World

    Diinkarazan was one of the many sons of Moradin, and twin brother

  • Diirinka

    Known variously as the Despot, the Betrayer, and the Grand Savant, Diirinka is the primary god of the dwurin race known as the derro.

    Cult in the World

    Diirinka was born the twin of Diinkarazan, and the two brothers

  • Dugmaren

    The dwur god of scholarship, invention, and discovery.

    Cult in the World

    Known as the Wandering Tinker, Gleam-Eye, and the Explorer, Dugmaren is the youngest son of Moradin. Never content with the way things are

  • Dumathoin

    Dumathoin is the Keeper of Secrets under the Mountains.

    Cult in the World

    Dumathoin is the patron of the dwurtabc, or mountain dwur race. He watches over them as they work the mountains he raised for them, and takes

  • Gendwar Argrim

    Cult in the World

    As a young dwarf, Gendwar Argrim was traveling to another clan to begin his apprenticeship as a silversmith when his birth clan was wiped out by an invasion of giants and orcs. Because of the great distance he

  • Gorm

    Gorm is the patron of guardians, sentinels, and the vigilant.

    Cult in the World

    Called by many names, including Lord of the Bronze Mask, Fire Eyes, and the Golden Guardian, Gorm is the protector of dwurinkind in general

  • Haela

    The Luckmaiden is the patron of dwurin who seek luck in battle.

    Cult in the World

    Haela the Hard, Lady of the Fray is the daughter of Clangeddin and Sharindlar. Though sometimes called Bright-axe, she favors swords as a

  • Laduguer

    Laduguer is known as both the Task-Master and the Magister.

    Cult in the World

    Though most dwurin sages would deny it, Laduguer was not Moradins rebellious son, but his brother. Where Moradin taught the Crafts of

  • Moradin

    Moradin is the Soul Forger. He is the creator of the Dwur, and the father to the entire Dwurin pantheon.

    Cult in the World

    The myths surrounding Moradins creation of the dwurin at the heart of the world are many,

  • Muamman Duathal

    Muamman is the Wanderer and the Watcher.

    Cult in the World

    One of the many sons of Moradin, Muamman has traveled the length and the breadth of the world, forever wandering wherever the winds take him. His travels have

  • Sharindlar

    Known as the Lady of Mercy, and the Shining Dancer, Sharindlar is the dwurin goddess of healing, harmony, and romantic love.

    Cult in the World

    Though well known to dwurinkind, most non-dwur know Sharindlar only in her role

  • Ulaa

    The goddess of Hills, Gemstones, and Elemental Earth.

    Cult in the World

    Ulaa is considered by most dwurin sages to be the sister of Sharindlar, at least in that she was created by Moradin from raw materials and not born of

  • Vergadain

    The god of Wealth and Trade, sometimes known as the Laughing or Trickster Dwur.

    Cult in the World

    Vergadain is the twin brother of Abbathor, and even with their differences they are very much alike. While Abbathor is Greed

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