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  • Istus

    The Lady of Our Fate, the Colorless and All-Colored, is the Mistress of Fate, Predestination, and the Future. She is the mother of the Bakluni gods and goddesses, and the true heart and soul of their culture.

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  • Nolzur

    Nolzur is the Goddess of Substance from Dreams

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    Nolzur was the only daughter of one of the most powerful Shahs of the old Bakluni Empire. He loved his daughter so much, he could deny her nothing, not even

  • Xan Yae

    Oftentimes called The Perfect Mistress, Xan Yae is among those who extol the virtues of psionics, or Mind over Matter. She is also the Patron of Shadows, Twilight, and Stealth. She is sister to Geshtai, born of Istus and Koram.


  • Nerull

    Hater of Life, Bringer of Darkness, Gloom-King, Reaper of Flesh all these and more are the titles ascribed to Nerull, Lord of the Dark. As befits his title, he is worshiped only in darkness, by those who embrace evil for enjoyment or gain. Son of

  • Obad Hai

    Also known as The Shalm, Obad Hai is the god of Nature, the Hunt, and Wild Beasts.

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    Obad Hai is among the most ancient of the Flannae deities, firstborn son of Beory and Pelor. The Shalm is

  • Rao

    Rao is the god of Peace, Reason, and Serenity.

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    Known as the Peacemaker, the Civilizer, and the Shepherd, Rao is the son of Beory and Pelor, and father to Lirr & Zodal. The Threefold Sainted Ones,

  • Trithereon

    Known as The Summoner, Trithereon is the god of Liberty, Individuality, Self-Protection, and Retribution. He is the son of Rao.

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    Followers of Trithereon are sworn to defend the ideals of

  • Acererak

    Acererak is the Devourer, the Lord of the Void.

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    Acererak was a cambion half human, half demon, born to a simple woman of mixed descent in a what would someday become the nation of Perrenland.

  • Heward

    Heward is Lord of Composition, revered by troubadours, bards, and other musicians across the Flanaess. He is also revered by those who construct musical instruments.

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    Hewards cult is small, and

  • Incabulos

    Known by all as the deity of evil sendings, Incabulos is the master of disease, drought, nightmares, and the like. Those who find delight in woe are his natural servants, and those with purer hearts fear to even speak his name, lest they draw his

  • Keoghtom

    Keoghtom is the God of Planar Travel.

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    Keoghtom is a mercurial figure of motion and travel. Companion in legend to deities such as Heward, Zagyg, Murlynd, and Celestian, he epitomizes and defines journeys

  • Olidammara

    Olidammara, the Laughing Rogue, is known as the Vagabond of the Gods. In many myths, when this likeable trickster is not leading drunken revels, he can be found redistributing what wealth he took from the rich to those less fortunate.

  • Zagyg

    Zagyg is known as the Mad Archmage, and is accounted as the god of humor, occult studies, unpredictablility, and eccentricity. He is the only known servant of Boccob the Uncaring..

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    Zagyg does not command

  • Daern

    Daern is the goddess of Defense and Fortifications. She is popularly accounted to have been a mortal daughter of Dellebs, who rose to join her father among the ranks of the gods (though she may just have been one of Dellebs mortal

  • Erythnul

    Known as The Many, Erythnul is the god of ugliness, capricious malice, hate, envy, and panic.

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    Erythnul is the elder war god of the Oeridian pantheon. He is less a god of soldiers than the

  • Heironeous

    Heironeous is the child of Sotillion and Erythnul by rape; but he was raised to manhood alongside Pholtus of the Blinding Light by his foster-father, Delleb. Whereas Hextor was raised by his father to be the Dark Warrior, Heironeous is most certainly is

  • Hextor

    Hextor is the brother of Heironeous (Erythnuls child by his rape of Sotillion), and he epitomizes the flip side of the coin of War. Hextor is the very essence of Hate, Discord, Conflict, and Fitness.

    Whereas Heironeous champions such

  • Kuroth

    The Oeridian thief known as Kuroth (CURahth) is said have been the most puissant among the practitioners of his ancient profession. Sponsored by Olidammara after a risky quest for the Laughing Rogue, Kuroth is gaining recognition among more than just

  • Pholtus

    Pholtus of the Blinding Light is the Oeridian god of the Sun, the Moon, and all stellar bodies that give off light and follow rigid cycles through the heavens. He is also the inflexible god of Law, Order, and Resolution.

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  • Procan

    Procan is the Lord of the Oceans, Seas, Motion, and the Tides. He is brother to Velnius, and son of Zilchus.

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    Procan is the Lord of the Deep. Firstborn of the pantheon, he is seen as an elemental force of

  • Zilchus

    Zilchus is the father of the Oeridian pantheon, and is counted as the god of Trade, Money, Business, Influence, and Prestige.

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    Seen by some as a god for merchants only, Zilchus is in truth the lord of

  • Dalt

    Dalt is the God of Portals, Doors, Locks, and Keys.

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    Dalt began his ascent to godhood as the Captain of the Guards in the grand Cathedral of the Dark Eyed Lady in Zinbyle. This was in the days when the

  • Wastri

    Wastri is sometimes known as the Hopping Prophet, or as the Hammer of the Demi-Humans.

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    While not technically a member of any official list of Suel deities, he is included here because of his origins as a

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