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  • The Bakluni Pantheon

    The People of the Bakluni Basin

    The Bakluni people are characterized by skin described by many as golden, with eyes of gray-green and dark, usually black hair. Unlike their enemies the Suloise, most of the Bakluni

  • Al'Akbar

    AlAkbar is the god of Guardianship, Faithfulness, and Duty.

    Cult in the World
    According to Bakluni mythology, AlAkbar was the first Sultan of the Arir, one of the great noble clans of the Bakluni. Born to a

  • Ben-Hadar

    (The Court of Water)

    Ben-Hadar is the Grand Vizier of the Marids, and Chancellor of the Court of Water.

    Cult in the World

    Ben-Hadar was a vassal of Dorgha Torgu, and was chosen personally by him to

  • Bleredd

    Bleredd is the god of metals, mines, and smiths. He is the son of Geshtai and Zuoken, and brother to Jaahar.

    Cult in the World
    Bleredd is the Forgemaster; it is said that there is no metal he cannot temper.


  • Chan

    (The Court of Air)

    Chan is the Princess of Djinn, and Chancellor of the Court of Air. She is also known as The Whisperer of Secrets.

    Cult in the World

    Like Ben-Hadar, Chan was a vassal of Dorgha

  • Darkon

    (The Court of Night)

    In ages past, the Bakluni people and the Suel fought a great war; that much every child knows. What nearly all have forgotten is one of the causes for the war stemmed from a brief tryst between the avatars

  • Geshtai

    Geshtai is the goddess of Lakes, Rivers, Wells, Streams, and Oasis. She is also the Lady of the White Hand, the Healer of the pantheon.

    Cult in the World

    Geshtai taught men both how to find water in the desert, and how to

  • Istus

    The Lady of Our Fate, the Colorless and All-Colored, is the Mistress of Fate, Predestination, and the Future. She is the mother of the Bakluni gods and goddesses, and the true heart and soul of their culture.

    Cult in the World

  • Jaahar

    Jaahar is the god of Wealth, Industry, and Trade.

    Cult in the World

    Jaahar is the son of Geshtai, and brother to Bleredd. While his brother excels at the making of things, Jaahar is charged with the creating and

  • Jisaraya

    Jisaraya is the goddess of Fertility, Dance, and Seduction.

    Cult in the World

    Daughter of Xan Yae, Jisaraya is the Dancer, Entertainer, and Seducer of the pantheon, the ultimate femme fatale.


  • Kehgya

    Goddess of the Hunt.

    Cult in the World

    Thought by many to be safely forgotten in the past, Kehgyas followers continue to persist in many outlying areas of Bakluni culture.

    A by-blow of the brief tryst between

  • Koram

    Koram is the God of Tradition and Order.

    Cult in the World

    Though not as well known across the Flanaess as his wife Istus, Koram is the foundation of all things Bakluni. Revered for his both his inestimable wisdom and his

  • Najima

    Najima is the god of curiosity, adventure, and exploration.

    Cult in the World

    Najima began his life as a young nobleman in the ancient city a Bajhnash, the seventh son of a seventh son, heir to the family name but not much

  • Nolzur

    Nolzur is the Goddess of Substance from Dreams

    Cult in the World

    Nolzur was the only daughter of one of the most powerful Shahs of the old Bakluni Empire. He loved his daughter so much, he could deny her nothing, not even

  • Sunnis

    (The Court of Earth)

    Sunnis is the Princess of the Dao, and High Adjudicator of the Court of Stone.

    Cult in the World

    Sunnis, too, was a vassal of Dorgha Torgu, and was chosen personally by him to

  • Xan Yae

    Oftentimes called The Perfect Mistress, Xan Yae is among those who extol the virtues of psionics, or Mind over Matter. She is also the Patron of Shadows, Twilight, and Stealth. She is sister to Geshtai, born of Istus and Koram.


  • Zaaman Rul

    (The Court of Fire)

    Zaaman Rul is the Lord of Flame, and Chancellor of the Court of Fire.

    Cult in the World

    Zaaman Rul is the bastard son of Imix, the Tyrant of Fire. In his own lands, he is seen as

  • Zann

    Zann is the deity of Truth, Learning, and Intellect.

    Cult in the World

    Known as the Learned, Zann is the ultimate expression of unwavering dedication to Truth for its own sake, and to the development

  • Zuoken

    Zuoken is the god of Physical and Mental Mastery.

    Cult in the World

    Zuoken is the son of Koram and Istus, and father to Bleredd and Jaahar. While his sister Xan Yae plies her trade in the shadows, Zuoken demands that those

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