Kobold "Battlemage"


Good evening, traveler. We are called Squizzles, is a good Kobold name.

Why are we here? We are on quest to save our tribe. Dragon’s Claw tribe believes that we need a scale from every color dragon in world. Tribe believes that this will being wealth and safety to tribe. However, we are fairly certain this is just old superstition. No wizards that we have spoken to on our travels have agreed that dragon scales will provide safety for tribe.

However, we need to complete our quest for the tribe. If we fail, all bad things that happen will be blamed on not having dragon scales. It is not good, dragons are very strong. They do not share their scales.

What do we do when attacked? We fight of course! We are a Kobold Battlemage. Our chanting empowers allies while we stab enemies in their knees. We can also help with… battlefield control? Yes. That is term I heard wizard use. Kobolds are small and weak. We must work together to not become food. Squizzles helps! Chanting taps into power of words. Helps allies find opening in defense and strike harder. Oh yes, braver too! Then we lead fight and help surround enemy. It confuses them and makes enemy worse at protecting self.

How did we become Battlemage? It was long journey. We had ability to use magic, but it was not like Kobolds who have strong tie to a dragon. But it took a journey to surface to trade to learn about Battlemage talent. We found fellow Battlemage who saw talent in us. He gave tips to teach self. Squizzles is now successful Battlemage!

Where did we come from? Our tribe’s cave is far away, in place you call Valley of the Mage. Dragon’s Claw tribe is successful. We have strong defenses and good mines. Once Squizzles returns with dragon scales, tribe will be even more safe and wealthy. Will become most powerful tribe! Then we can gather other tribes and form Kobold Kingdom. Kingdom will keep Kobolds safe and not allow slavery and abuse of tribes that are unlucky.


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