Chornalth Adventures - Liga (Current: Emerald & Diamond)

RQ Evening 22

The battle continues...

577 CY

Our cast of characters…

Dracon, human initiate of Obad Hai & Beastmaster of the Wegwier;
Kalik, halfling initiate of Avoreen;
Kendradell, female half-elf bard & initiate of Lydia <absent>;
Marcus, half-elf initiate of Heironeous <absent>;
Milik, halfling sorcerer;
Murray, human wizard;
Naazi, chenxa (centaur) warrior of Tenh <absent>;
Nikolai, Suloise human initiate of Lendor;
Tarqualan, high elf mystic (Vesve Forest).

{7th of Sunsebb, 577]

We picked up this week in the middle of the battle we didn’t finish the week before. As the battle continues, several members of the party notice that their attackers seem to possess strange abilities; on several occasions, the warriors simply stare at their opponent, who then feels his mental defenses (magic points) being stripped bare. Marcus is overcome by some force that inflicts unending agony that constantly distracts him, diminishing all of his skills. Dracon teleports himself into melee range with their leader, and discovers that some sort of electrical charge surrounds him, inflicting damage equal to that done to him to whomsoever attacks him.

As the tide begins to turn against the party, two things happen quite quickly; Tarqualan casts a spell of command over one of their assailants and discovers that all of them are joined together mentally; for the price of one spell he gains command of three of the enemy. Meanwhile, Dracon, sensing that all might soon be lost, calls upon Obad Hai for assistance in defeating his enemies, and is heard (though at great cost). Vines begin growing from the walls and floor, entwining his enemies and holding them tight, allowing the party to cut their throats. The enemy leader and one of his servants still manage to escape, vanishing from within the vines that held them.

A closer look at the bodies that remain reveal that all bear a similar if unusual countenance… all are pale, with solid red orbs for eyes. What passes for hair on their heads is a thick, spagetti-like substance colored white. None of the more learned members of the party recognize their species, however.

After pulling themselves together again, the group moves down the hallway towards the main audience chamber where they last saw their fallen companions. As Marcus reaches out to open the door to the small reception area that leads to the larger chamber, his companions gasp as he visibly shrinks, struggling clumsily inside armor that is now several sizes too large for him to wear comfortably. As Dracon and Kalik consult on what might restore their friend to normal, Dracon is struck dumb (Stupefied), and though Kalik quickly dispels this magic, it is beginning to dawn on the party that the lady vampire that they hoped they’d killed is obviously very much alive and toying with them.

While Mirella uses her spells to remove what appears to be glyphs warding the door before them against passage, several members of the party sight a shambling demon creature coming down the hallway towards them. Milik casts a fire spell in it’s direction, which causes it to sprint in his direction. As Kalik and Dracon attack it with swords, both learn the hard way that the demon in question uses acid for blood, costing Kalik his armor and very nearly the Sword of Nogre, as well.

Sensing time pressing against them, the party hurriedly passes the reception room into the great hall, and as they stand over the spot where Lucien lays entombed, their unseen assailant strikes again, this time filling Milik with poison and very nearly killing him in the bargain. Mirella observes at this point that perhaps retreat might not be out of order, and as if to punctuate her words, the closed doors behind the party slam open, inviting the party to leave. After a hushed conference, the party agreed, though Marcus inquired of Mirella if she had sufficient strength remaining to close the gate they’d entered through, lest Drelzna use it to follow them back to Perrenland

Skulking back out the way they’d come in, the party stood guard over Mirella as she closed the gate, an act which left her far too weak to even think of reopening it any time soon. The party, defeated and badly in need of rest, retired to the city to make further plans. A bit of research on the parts of Nikolai and Kendradell reveal that the strange warriors they fought are known as the diurge, a race of beings from another world strong in both evil and the mental disciplines (psionics).

Though the gnawing pain soon left Marcus’ body, his size and dexterity did not return. Not knowing what else to do, Tarqualan decided to bring his half-olven companion back to his homeland, to seek aid from the gods of his own people. Kalik and Nikolai elected to return to Umst to report their failure to their temples, though Countess Dianetta gave Nikolai a farewell he would not soon forget.

Dracon, so close to home, elected to travel north and try to rejoin his family for the coming holidays, though his clan’s wise woman gave him no peace about the foolish choices he’d been making recently. Milik elected to remain in Schwartzenbruin and train with Nerek Festil, the court sorcerer.

Once the mages of the Vesve Court have restored Marcus’ size and dexterity, they name their price for their services… must undertake a quest to clear out the ancient ruin known as Delvenbrass, located in the eastern reaches of the Vesve and the source of many troubles there….

And so the party split up, vowing to meet once more in Schwartzenbruin the following spring, on the 13th day of Readying, 578…



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