Chornalth Adventures - Liga (Current: Emerald & Diamond)

Katsushiro Report 3

Katsushiro Report 3

My Lord Daimyo

As instructed I am sending you reports on the moon and its people and events within.

I wish to begin by thanking you for allowing me to continue on in this group, even if at this time I am questioning whether this is the wisest course of action, but as my report will show I am honor bound to continue at this time.

We began by traveling by ship to within a few days outside the ancient city of Arfa Dumor, As we were on our way to the city, we spied a band of Oni traveling towards the city, Initially we let them go before Cortana convinced the majority of the group to attack them, I spoke out against this but was over ruled.
The Attack did not go as planned and everyone but myself was forced to flee, due to my situation I had no choice but to surrender, the group was able to negotiate my release, and we continued on into the city.

Our time in the city was fairly uneventful although we did learn a few things. The being that runs the city is named Durklemes, and looks like a red skinned version of Cortana, but in a reddish tone. Cortana claims he is of a demonic race of beings called the Eredar, supposedly a powerful spell caster who has the ability to call in others of his kind, Cortana seems emphatic that all of our ills are caused by this creature. We saw no signs of this creature’s power or his abilities. What we did find was a city being rebuilt, and learned that slaves and drugs where being run through and to this City and that the Mantis Clan was heavily involved.

After a few days in this town we quickly traveled back to the Capital to make our report, I contacted my father and we made our report to Minister Seppun. After waiting a few days, my father arrived and left just as quickly after we gave him the information he had, and said he would contact us. We waited a bit of time not sure what to do, until we got information that my fathers keep had been attacked and that I had to head home quickly, the rest of the group came as well. Blaming myself for this, I spent the rest of that day and much of the next meditating at my mother’s grave to come to grips with what happened. The group waited for me before deciding our next move which was to head back to the capital.

One other thing happened while I was meditating I found that Omoyari (Compassion), the Katana of my Daisho had woken up, when I remove the blade from the sheath it sounds like my mother’s sigh, every time I draw the blade I always see my mother’s smiling face and it gives me glee.

Once back in the capital, we started to look into the ships and the captains, this is when I started to question if this is the right group for me, when they wanted me to do a number of dishonorable acts to get the job done, the first was to capture and interrogate a captain, that one I just walked off, as I considered walking away, but at the time I felt I owed them for getting me back. The second time, was when Cortana wanting us to lie and go in disguise, which I flatly refused, and they dropped it.

Our travels continued finally taking us back to the cave with the clawed hand dais, that we saw before.

Sometimes I wonder if Cortana is doing this on purpose and is not understanding Honor and what it means, or she just does not care to understand, either of them makes me wonder about her, as I have tried to explain it to her more than once and she just does not care to listen.

I will send a new report in the next few weeks

You’re most honorable Samurai Mirumoto Katsushiro



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