Chornalth Adventures - Liga (Current: Emerald & Diamond)

Katsushiro Final Report-Kasumi's first report

My Lord Daimyo

As instructed I am sending you reports.

After defeating the Hags, which did feel good in the short term, but the long term we ended up the same place as we started without a rudder and adrift. We decided to head back to the capital to report back and regroup and decide our next course of action.

During the meeting with the imperial magistrate, we learned about a number of people that where at the meeting dubbed the meeting of evil, and we were shown the 200 page document that the minister had on the meeting, one name stood out, one Chan Char who resided in the city of Tsonlai in the Celestial Empire of Suhfang, and the group decided to go there interrogate this individual then eliminate him.

I listened to the plan and quickly decided I could no longer in good conscience stay with the group and keep my honor intact, so I let the group know of my intention to head back home, wishing them well within the mission they were to embark.

This is my final report on the mission I had been assigned.

You’re most honorable Samurai Mirumoto Katsushiro
Minister Seppun

The individuals you mentioned in your last report arrived, I updated them with all of the information I had acquired on the underworld figure Chan Char. This individual never leaves his place without five guards at the minimum sometimes more.

We consulted for a time and we decided to go out into that part of the city and start asking questions and throw some money around in the hopes we either found him, or he found us. In the end he found us, or more to the point one of his Orc guards, which oddly enough are only found as guards or within the City guard, something worthy of note, in one of the citys inns.

Well, the one Cortana and I spoke to him, and expressed our interest in speaking with his boss. While we waited we noticed the other Orcs letting people out but not letting anyone else in, during this point we discussed our plan and decided our best bet was to attack the individual that arrives and interrogate him before we disposed of him. After a bit of a scuffle in the Inn, we were able to subdue, and capture the individual only to find that it was not Chan Char just one of his lieutenants, as we were short on time we decided to take our prisoner and quickly make our way back to the office. Apparently Cortana has an ability that allows us to quickly traverse the rout through a shadowy realm.
In this realm we met another interesting individual, something that called itself a Flumph, by the name of Ts’oth’ula and had a strange high pitched voice, this individual had a lot of information for Cortana stating that she should not use the Shadow way as it was extremely dangerous for her and her companions.

Once back at my office Ts’oth’ula the Flumph gave us some interesting information on Durklemes, that he is a lieutenant of Fu Leng, and that Fu Leng used a grimoire to summon this Durklemes… but Fu Leng no longer has this book as it was stolen by Cloud Giants, and that this Durklemes is interested in finding that same grimoire.

We also learned that this Durklemes is trying to bring about the Starstone prophecy and has made deals with multiple Hag covens to bring this prophecy about.

‘The Starstone prophecy, wherein a fragment of a shattered world steeped in evil untold millennia ago would be drawn down to impact somewhere on Liga, initiating a spreading contagion of death and undeath.’

We then questioned our prisoner Chan Char’s lieutenant one Qortimus who was able to give us information on his boss’s home base and then drew us a map, then we killed Qortimus before heading to Chan Chars base to capture and eliminate him.

End Report.



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