Chornalth Adventures - Liga (Current: Emerald & Diamond)

Chapter Three, Session 17: Swear by your power

You hit him so hard, you killed his body and his soul...

The story began on the first of Needfest, 1150 I.C. (C.Y. 605)

Zeshyn the Dai-Kyu, Vanaran Archer
Seppun Ozawa, Human Monk, Imperial Families
Cortana Tsunoaru, Draeni Wizard (Iounmancer), Unicorn Clan
Tsugumi Kirigaya, Tengu Oracle, Crane Clan
Arimura Kasumi, Human Fighter, Unicorn Clan
and Special Guest Star: Ts’oth’ula, Flumph Binder

Our session began on the 27th of Ready’reat, 1150 I.C.

Continuing last week’s fight, the group slowly winnowed down the guards Chan Clar had, and after getting caught in a couple of traps, finally made their way into his inner sanctum and soon enough defeated him. Searching his HQ, they find an impressive amount of drugs, paperwork detailing his operation, and more importantly, his own personal notes on the recent summit he’d attended in Arfa Dumor.

Most specifically, that he’d been tasked with helping to locate copies of an ancient tome known as the Esoterica Ebonwand, an ancient tome that Durklemes had expressed intense interest in owning, not merely a copy of, but all the copies of. Among the notes was one entry where Chan Clar had clearly written off one such copy, noting that it was currently in the possession of a foreign wu jen of great power, Tenser, member/ex-member of something called the Circle of Eight, an organization that even Cortana had heard distant rumors of.

Ts’oth’ula knew a little more about the tomes, indicating that they had been the product of a mad archmage of the Suel, a people lost to a magical cataclysm over a millennia ago. Each tome was the soul-prison for a powerful mage that had wronged the author, serving now as guardian (and table of contents) for the tome in question.

When brought around for questioning, he demanded that Cortana swear on her power that the stated terms of his agreement with them would be carried out, i.e. that he would be allowed to live, and transported to Otosan Uichi to be “tried for his crimes” (knowing, as he did, that as a citizen of the Empire of Suhfang, he’d committed no crimes within the Emerald Empire…)

True to his bargain, he told the group of his impressions of Durklemes, mainly that the eredar was firmly in control of his city, feared but respected. His relationship with Fu Leng was less certain, that while compelled to loyalty, he was clearly hatching his own plans whenever his master’s compulsions allowed him free reign. He also stated that Durklemes was more interested in the weapons offered by the folk of Neulund than those of Granbretan. Ts’oth’ula, for his part, learning that the party would be traveling by ship, begged off, and said he would meet up with them in Otosan Uichi.

On their return journey to Otosan Uichi, they took passage aboard the Gentle Dahlia, a ship of the Crane Clan. About a day before making landfall, they were intercepted at sea by a ship flying the colors of the Lion Clan, that demanded the Dahlia allow them to board & search. Finding nothing , the ship departed. On reaching Otosan Uichi, the party quickly learned that two small clan wars had recently broken out, one between Lion & Dragon, and another between Crane & Phoenix.

Minister Seppun agreed with the party’s assessment that the timing of these wars was suspicious, as both started within days of the other. However, he mused, ferreting out the causes of the conflicts was outside the talents of the group (Kasumi having petitioned already that she be reassigned to this group, as her role in Tsonlai had clearly been exposed at this point)., but they might have more luck locating this Tenser and learning more about the Esoterica; he was certain that at least one of the wu jen he had access to knew the City of Greyhawk well enough to Teleport the party there, once she could be located.

As we ended for the evening, Minister Seppun released the group for a few days while the aforementioned wu jen was located and brought to Otosan Uichi. It is now the 18th of Sunsebb, 1150 I.C.

6500 xp



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