Chornalth Adventures - Liga (Current: Emerald & Diamond)

Chapter Three, Session 15: You're going to make someone very happy...

The story began on the first of Needfest, 1150 I.C. (C.Y. 605)

[Zeshyn the Dai-Kyu, Vanaran Archer
Seppun Ozawa, Human Monk, Imperial Families
Mirumoto Katsushiro, Half-dragon Samurai, Dragon Clan
Cortana Tsunoaru, Draeni Wizard (Iounmancer), Unicorn Clan
Tsugumi Kirigaya, Tengu Oracle, Crane Clan

Our session began on the 27th of Patchwall, 1150 I.C.

We ended last session with a combat brewing, which we got into directly. Cortana fled the house she’d cornered the matriarch in, but only after the matriarch had struck her a blow with her club. Once outside, however, the crone dropped her club and tried to play as if she’d been attacked by Cortana, but her bluff failed, so Katsushiro and Ozawa quickly pummeled her into unconsciousness. The other four hags tried various diversionary tactics, trying to rally the dwarves to their defense, but by the time any of the villagers actually arrived on the scene, there were two dead hags to put the lie to anything but the party’s version of events. Two hags did escape, however.

Questioning their prisoner, Sakura revealed that the deal the hags had struck; for the dwarves manufacture of weapons, a local tribe of oni, (the Chugach), would supply the dwarves with food. When asked about the vision Kirigaya had witnessed, Sakura would only say that their prayers had been offered up to an enemy of Fu Leng, the “that which comes to remake the world”. More she would not say, so when they felt they had as much as they could get, they executed her. The dwarves, now leaderless, were told that their best bet was to go and dwell in Hadrik’s Folly, as the villagers there would likely welcome them and that there was strength in numbers.

The cave where the hags exchanged weapons for food was interesting only in that it held the corpse of the cyclops the party had fled earlier that year. No clues were found there, but eventually they located some boot prints outside the cave that led southwest. When they finally set up camp five hours later, a Chugach scout was spotted and run down.

Under questioning, he told the group there was a reward (5000 gp) for Cortana’s capture and subsequent delivery to the city of Trothgir. The weapons were being stored at a nearby fortress called Zenwei, and that the Chugach numbered 100 strong. Despairing of tackling so many, it was eventually decided that they’d scout the location of the Chugach camp and give that information to the samurai of Clan Crab, who had the strength of arms to properly deal with them.

Several weeks of travel saw them in Otosan Uichi again, where Minister Seppun gave them access to a 200 page report one of his agents had written regarding the summit held in Arfa Dumor over Brewfest. At his suggestion, it was decided that the group could be useful in taking out some of the potential allies Durklemes was gathering to Fu Leng’s cause, before they had a chance to combine forces.

One such potential ally, Chan Char, was known to live in the city of Tsonlai in the Celestial Empire of Suhfang, one of Rokugan’s neighbors to the northeast. He was known to be an arcane caster of some sort, specializing in draconic magic, as well as being a figure in organized crime. Local authorities, it is suggested, will not mourn if bad things happen to him,and might even be of assistance. In addition, he offers to have them Teleported directly there (though they will have to secure passage aboard a Rokugani ship to return).

On learning the direction the rest of the group is intending to follow, Katsushiro elects to leave the group and return to his daiymo for the time being. As we ended for the evening, it was the 24th of Ready’reat, 1150 I.C.




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