Chornalth Adventures - Liga (Current: Emerald & Diamond)

The story began on the first of Needfest, 1150 I.C. (C.Y. 605)

Zeshyn the Dai-Kyu, Vanaran Archer, Crab Clan (partially absent)
Seppun Ozawa, Human Monk, Imperial Families
Mirumoto Katsushiro, Half-dragon Samurai, Dragon Clan
Cortana Tsunoaru, Draeni Wizard (Iounmancer), Unicorn Clan
Tsugumi Kirigaya, Tengu Oracle, Crane Clan
and finally, the NPC;
Irda Na-Helena, Huchard Mystic (Knight-chandler), Jade Guardian (of the Diamond Throne)

Our session began on the 17th of Readying, 1150 I.C.

Still in the Cauldron, the group saw to their wounds, then eventually backtracked to reconnect with what remained of the band of samurai that Clan Phoenix had sent with them. The six remaining samurai were soon located, one carrying the sole infant to have survived. Leading the group back to the sacrificial chamber, they quickly recognized the meteoric stone altar and hematite dagger that they’d encountered at the crater where the first hag coven had been performing sacrifices in the Shadowlands. In a nearby chamber, several robes were found with stitching on the hoods that resembled the comet tattoo the gauth had sported, but otherwise the ritual area was curiously devoid of ritual or scriptural texts of any kind. The only written records of any sort proved to be a tally of the sacrifices brought by Glasatru’s minions.

After returning the Phoenix samurai to the City of Remembrance, they spent several days resupplying while the local bureaucracy tried to figure out the identity of the one child they’d recovered from the Cauldron. They departed the City of Remembrance on the 21st, visiting several other cultural sites in Phoenix lands, including Kyuden Isawa, where they searched the Temple complex’s extensive libraries for clues to the cult using the comet symbology. Little was found, but one scholar did advise them that a former colleague, one Ichiro Fusar, had retired to a monastery in the lands of the Fox Clan, and that he might know more.

Eventually, their course led them to the city of Heibeisu on the eastern edge of the Dragon Clan lands. On Katsushiro’s recommendation, they stopped and identified themselves before penetrating any deeper into the territory. They soon found themselves at the fortress known as Shiro Mirumoto, Katsushiro’s home. Late that afternoon, a runner brought news that Katsushiro’s father, the dragon Tatsuya Nakadai, had invited them to his private estates for dinner that evening. They wound up spending the night, and Katsushiro’s father had a long private conversation with his sun, subtly hinting that the spirit of his swords would only awaken if he made more of an effort at being a hero, rather than merely applying bushido as a hammer to solve every problem. Katsushiro spent the next several days meditating on the matter.

After visiting several more cultural sites in Dragon, among them the immense volcano known as the Wrath of the Kami, the Songbird crossed into the lands of the Unicorn, where, as before, a number of fortresses and culturally important sites were visited, before turning south into the lands of the Fox Clan.After a few days of travel, they arrived at the monestary known as Tulpa Hediko, where Ichiro Fusar was said to reside. Fusar spoke of what knowledge he had, namely that some 30 years past, a number of murders locally had eventually been tracked to a cult of human and kitsune who utilized similar tools/iconography (the meteoric altar, the hematite daggers, and the comet symbol.

From what he remembered of the cult, there was a direct command that nothing ever be recorded, lest such records fall into the hands of unbelievers. One cultist in particular, a woman whose name was unknown, had gone so far as to cut out her own tongue after abandoning the cult, so that her former associates would not feel it necessary to silence her more permanently. Unfortunately, she had died of apparently natural causes 3 years ago.

After touring the Fox Clan lands, the group decided to overfly the Shinomen Forest, despite (or perhaps because of) it’s mysterious reputation. After several hours, an abandoned city was spotted, and the group spent several hours investigating the empty Naga city. Several things were noted; the city was very clean – not as overgrown or taken over by wildlife as it’s 3000 years of abandonment might indicate. The large ley line that the group had followed to the city went from un-typed to strongly chronomantic just outside the city, and the group as a whole thought it a bad idea to investigate the large, domed temple(?) that sat at the city’s center/confluence of ley lines.

After several more days, the group eventually arrived once more at the Imperial capital, Otosan Uchi, were they spent several more days being debriefed on their travels both by Imperial bureaucrats as well as representatives of their own families/clans. Eventually they were summoned once more to the Emperor’s presence, where they were offered a new mission, one where they would accompany Ambassador Na-Helena back to Celene, where they might, in turn, see the lands of her people and experience their ways. And so, several more days later, the Songbird set out once again, this time in the company of a second airship, the “Ba-Shuul’s Radont”, in the long journey across the Celestial Sea, stopping several times, briefly visiting the island nation of Behow, as well as the nations of Tvosk, Changol, Sa’han, a long push over the Sea of Dust, until finally arriving at the Celestial Arch of the Heavens, and thence to the city of De-Shamod, the capital of Dor-Erthenos, the Empire of the Diamond Throne.

As we broke for the evening, it was the 21st of Coldeven, 1150 I.C. (or, as the Huchard would phrase it, the 21st of Ai-Gebbon, 6973 G.T.) The party had had several days to grow acquainted with the city, explore it’s streets, and learn of the native races. A meeting had been arranged with the Lady Protector, Ia-Thordani, to officially welcome them to the Empire.

1600 xp (5th level, start of Chapter Two)



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