Chornalth Adventures - Liga

Arc 2, Session 15, the Stone Archway

The Flinty Hills of Bust!

Our Journey began the 11th of Coldeven, 599 CY.
Last session it was the 22nd of Reaping, 599 CY.

Our Merry band consists of the following:

Elzedar, mongrelman rogue (absent)
Losien, elf rouge/wizard,
Tal4en, fraal psion,
Alexander, human swashbuckler,
Kitiana, human cleric of Mystra,
Alianna, olven wizard, (absent) and
Akono, human gamba fighter (absent).

(Needless to say, with only half the group present, we didn’t accomplish a great deal…)

We rejoin our intrepid band in Greyhawk City, where they had determined to spend a few days getting well and truly shut of the swamp. On their second night in town, Alexander (and Kitiana) were attacked in their bed by an invisible stalker, presumably sent by Venne the loan shark, who obviously no longer wanted to merely talk about recovering his loan. Though wounded by the elemental, Alexander and his companions soon slew the creature, and, having slightly burned their present apartments, moved down the hall to another room.

The next day Losien used his contacts at the thieves guild to investigate Venne, only to learn that he was highly placed and well protected, and unlikely to respond well to any sort of frontal assault.

Finally, the group decided that it was time to set off on the road again, and decided upon the Flinty Hills, so that Kitiana could question Nethin (session #8) about the archway in her dreams. They set off on horse and mule through the Cairn Hills, skirting the shore of the Nyr Dyv, bound for Urnst and proper roads.

Almost a month of travel brought the group to the city of Womtham in Nyrond, where they stopped for a few days because a carnival was in
town. Tal4en and Alexander soon found themselves running a con in which Alexander told fortunes, which he purported to ‘translate’ from Tal4en (who was actually insulting or merely rambling aimlessly most of the time anyway). Alianna and Kitiana attended the daily joust, and
condescended to give their tokens to Sir Elgar the Swift of Knurl and Sir Guillaume the Archer of Innspa, respectively. Though Sir Guillaume
led through most of the passes, he eventually fell to Sir Elgar in the end. Both ladies sent their regrets to the knights concerning the celebration afterwards.

In Womtham itself the group met Burke Hammertoe, one of the city’s most popular smiths, who not only knew Nethin (second cousin on my mother’s side, once removed), but gave them directions to the Gul Shaledep, the dwarven town where they both were from. Losien and Burke traded genteel insults throughout the exchange, as Burke boxed up some packages for the group to deliver by way of introduction.

Traveling to Gul Shaledep involved several more days of travel, and several off camera fights with bands of orcs and goblins met along the way. The trail to Gul Shaledep was well marked by stone monoliths, and the town itself consisted of a fabulous gateway carven into the first of the true mountains of the Rakers, with a small ‘tall town’ ghetto lining a 400 yard grotto that dropped away from the canyon floor (like cliff dwellings, wrought medieval style).

After finding a place at one of the inns, the party contacted a messenger to call on Nethin, who arrived in the early evening. Thanking them for the deliveries, he provided the group with a rough map of the site where the arch was located, though he warned that the Church of Celestian considered the site off limits to all but their most trusted personnel. He also intimated that they had managed to open the gateway only once, but that doing so had resulted in the deaths of all those present when they were sucked through the gate to the far side. As we parted for the evening, the group was preparing to set out once more, their next destination perhaps a bit uncertain…

It is now the 24th of Goodmonth, 599 CY.
XP: 500



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