The Society of Gnomergan

The Society of Gnomergan was founded by Wilfred Fizzlebang in early Patchwall of 600 CY. Headed by a dwarf named Kosha Mattuk, the Society serves a variety of purposes.

The main, public purpose of the Society is to aid Wilfred (and his companions, of course) with their research on the Wane of Magic. Towards this purpose a large number of agents have been sent out across Liga, scouting it’s ley lines and other vortexes of magical energy. To date, the agents of the Society can boast that none have traveled as far or as extensively as they.

A secondary, accidental purpose of the Society has been in the field of magical innovation. The crown jewel of their efforts has been what the Society called the Ligasphere, a phantasmal representation of the world of Liga which has been the envy of every cartographer lucky enough to have seen it. Another is the “leyboard”, a flat ovoid similar to a surf board which uses the ambient energy of the ley line itself to float within, and which can bear weight relative to the strength of the line.

The lesser known purpose of the Society is to spread the name of Wilfred Fizzlebang far and wide, in preparation for his coming apotheosis.

The Society of Gnomergan

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