The First Mark - The Calcification

At midnight on the 4th of Richfest, 600 CY, the First Mark of the Wane of Magic took effect everywhere on Liga, what would in later years be referred to as the Calcification. Under the Calcification, two very important magical effects were negated and or fundamentally altered.

First and foremost, magic items that once automatically resized to fit smaller or larger wielders ceased doing so.

Secondly, it was no longer possible to “transfer” enchantments from one magic item to another, nor could magic items be improved upon once created.

(1) Use of the magical component, Ligablood, still allowed the upgrading of magic items, but not “transfers” of power.
(2) Legendary items with the “Upgradeable” special ability were not effected by this change.

The First Mark - The Calcification

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