Scarlet Brotherhood

What Your Uncle Told You

Who are you? – I am Seskian Ullerdan, your father’s brother. It is given to me to teach you proper conduct and the ways of our people.

Who are we? – We are the Suloise. We were the first civilized people, and it is our destiny to rule all lesser beings.

What makes us great? – We are great not merely because we are Suloise; the coarse barbarians of the far north are Suloise, and they are savages. We are great because we alone have preserved the culture and values of our ancestors, and we have the will and the resolve to someday bring the whole of the Flanaess once more under our control.

Where do we live? – We live in the lands of the Tilvanot Peninsula, a temperate and misty land that greatly resembles our former lands.

What is important in my life? – Study of the past, present, and future goals of our people. The refining of your body and mind into a unified whole. Serving our leaders in whatever fashion they dictate; it is your duty to obey, so that someday all lesser races will once again obey us all.

Who rules us? – His Peerless Serenity, the Master of Obedience rules us, from his fortress city of Hesuel Ilshar.

What is evil? – Whatever is not Suel, is evil. In your travels on Brotherhood business, do not be tempted by the soft customs of the wretched Oerid, Flan, and Bakluni peoples. They worship false gods, consort with demons too foul to describe, and even mix their blood with non-humans!

What is my lot in life? – It is your glorious duty to serve the Scarlet Brotherhood in whatever manner your talents best suit you for. You will train your body and mind with others in your sept, you will learn both the arts of following orders and GIVING orders, as it is our destiny to rule over all other races. If you are strong and agile of both body and mind, you might be chosen to pass your seed to a woman of our people in our grand breeding program, or if you live long enough you may retire and take a wife conventionally.

How do we deal with others? – It is our nature to rule; however, until that time has come, we work behind the scenes to hasten the day of our glorious ascent. We are the masters of all the secret arts; by the time you are permitted to travel beyond these walls, you will have learned these arts as well. Perhaps you will be sent to observe the Court of Ivid V, the Overking of the hated Aerdy Great Kingdom, that we have weakened with our lies nearly to collapse. Perhaps you will journey to the City of Greyhawk, to kill a man who our Diviners say will someday be an obstacle to our goals. Soon, it is foretold, the nations of the north will tremble with righteous fear at the very whisper of our name!

Who are our enemies? – Everyone who is not a member of our Brotherhood is your enemy. Deceive them, slay them, use them to further your goals. But never let them gain advantage over you! You are a proud member of the Suloise! We shall one day be the masters!

Who are our gods? – As it was in the lands of our ancestors, we revere the ancient gods of our people. Lendor is the God of Patience; he marks the days to our Ascendancy. Syrul inspires the honeyed words by which we deceive our enemies. Kord gives us the strength to train our bodies to be as supple as reeds, and Pyremius shelters us when we must kill to further our ends. Norebo is called upon when we must take risks to achieve our ends, and we call upon Lydia when we are in need of inspiration. When magic is called for, Wee Jas is our only choice, and our navy reveres the name of Osprem. All the gods of our ancestors have a place in our hearts, but when we must inspire fear in those who know us not, speak the name of the Deepest Shadow, and watch the lesser races tremble all the more. Some dare to say that he, too, was one of ours, but our history is unbroken, and we know this to be a lie.

Scarlet Brotherhood

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