Sam's Second Dream

Isomere’s voice drones on, but you’re not really listening. It’s another anatomy lesson, endless droning details. The heart is here in man, slightly to the left and inches lower in an elf. Tedious details, all. You’d rather be playing with your sister, Kaela.

As Prelatess Isomere continues to go on, your gaze wanders to a polished metal panel nearby. You begin making faces, splaying your tentacles in amusing and what you imagine to be threatening poses. As you amuse yourself, you find new ways to alter your appearance, flexing your epidermis in ever more complex ways, mimicking the cloth of your shirt, even going so far as to turn your face not merely inside-out, but approximating Isomere’s appearance, even simulating her hair.

“Azamadra! Pay attention!” Isomere now stands over your desk, and your surprise snaps your features back into place. Behind you, you can hear Kaela suppressing a giggle, and in the distance, the sound of Click-clack’s contrivance advancing down the hall….

The dream ends.

Sam's Second Dream

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