Sam's First Dream

The Furies were back.

As you wiped the sleep from your eyes, you sat up on the thin straw mattress they’d given you. You could hear the Furies yelling at Click-clack, their words muffled by distance but their anger and resentment clear from their tone. As much as you feared Click-clack, the Furies frightened you more. You were fairly certain they were yelling about you, as well.

You crept down the rough stone corridor to where the Mother-thing was kept. The the room reeked of chemicals and sweat, the Mother-thing smiled when you entered the room; the Mother-thing’s smile was more than a face she made, it was a sweet, sweet smell that eased your heart.

The Mother-thing was huge, larger than Click-clack, larger than even the bodies the Furies wore when they came here. You could feel her love wash over you as your rounded her windowed abdomen where your sister still swam, and you couldn’t help but smile as you looked into her warm, indigo eyes.

“Beloved, you should be asleep,” she sang to you, not merely in words but inside your head, “you need your rest!”

Then she gathered you into her arms, pulled you to her breasts, and sleep finally came, Click-clack and the Furies forgotten.

(Description for the Mother-thing – a huge creature with the head and torso of a 4-breasted human woman of Suloise descent. Beneath the ribcage lies a sequence of “chambers” not unlike insect abdomens, but with semi-transparent “windows” through which can be viewed a variety of developing forms. The Mother-thing is immobile, lacking any discernible legs or other forms of locomotion, though is supported by a couch of stainless steel and surrounded by a variety of crystals of varying hues, some of which glow of their own accord.)

You awaken, certain that this is an actual memory from your childhood. The one thing you do notice is that your tongue feels… odd. There seems to be a small, hard lump of some sort directly underneath the root of it.

Sam's First Dream

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