Murlynd is the God of “Magical” Technology

Cult in the World

Murlynd began his life as an ordinary mage in the city of Eastfair. After his apprenticeship was finished, he set out adventuring with several other individuals whose names are also now legend… Heward, Keoghtom, and Zagyg.

Over the course of many years, these four overcame a great many challenges, until they each took their separate courses along the Path of Heroes.

Murlynd’s took him to several different worlds, where he learned new ways of accomplishing magic that transcended the traditional ways he knew.

Murlynd’s Holiest of Days is the 6th of Midsummer, said to be his mortal birthday as well as the date of his first successful spellcasting.

Priests of Murlynd typically wear either long white aprons, brimming with pockets full of tools, material components, or shirt, pants, a wide brimmed hat and a wide leather belt with twin wand cases tied off to each leg.

A growing sect of Clock & Steam-work priests has arisen in Narwell, south of Greyhawk City.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Artifice, Good, Knowledge, Law


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