The Hero Cult of Krovis is one that is little known to the majority of the inhabitants of the Flanaess; he appears at best every millennium or so, rising from his hidden temple to keep the lands of the central Flanaess free from oppression.

Cult in the World

Krovis was one of the mortal sons of Trithereon the Summoner, born to champion the cause of freedom in the Flanaess. His cult, and the cults of his brothers, are kept alive by a secret society that exists inside the normal hierarchy of Trithereon’s temples, that venerate the names of the Sleepers, and work to keep their temples a secret, as well as to build secure caches of supplies for the day when they must rise to do battle for freedom.

Krovis’s High Holy Day is the 2nd of Growfest, with lesser holidays on the 2nd of each of the other festivals. Services are held either in the lower reaches of Tritherion’s temples, or in the hidden shrines to Krovis that dot the Pomarj.

Priests of Krovis do not have a distinctive ceremonial garb.

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Heroism, Revolution


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