The Sword Lord is the Hero Cult of swordsmen across the Flanaess, who attempt to emulate their Lord by their own mastery of the sword.

Cult in the World

Kelanen’s faith extends to nearly every part of the known lands, except perhaps among some of the northern barbarians and the savages of the Ameido & Hepmonoland jungles. Wherever the arts of war are practiced, shrines to Kelanen can be found, and wherever swordplay is revered as an art, temples and more can be found, as well.

Kelanen’s High Holy Day is the 28th of Reaping, with lesser holidays on the 1st of each festival. Services to Kelanen are always conducted in specially constructed halls where multiple fighting circles exist for followers of the Sword Prince to hone their skills.

Kelanen’s priesthood generally wear their swords suspended from a deep blue sash with silver trim.

Alignment: True Neutral
Domains: Travel, War


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