Born of the Witch Iggwilv and the Demon Prince Graz’zt, Iuz was originally just a cambion half-breed with a love of magic, deceit, and the suffering of others. He dreamed of ruling an empire, and so built/stole/killed for himself a worldly empire. As he grew in power both magically and temporally, he began to attract worshipers, and as he did so, the call of the Hero beckoned him onwards.

Cult in the World

Iuz’s principal tenet is this: “Rule Through Fear”. While a junior in the ranks of the Gods of Liga, Iuz is a junior with an entire nation of followers, and an expansionist streak a league wide to bring ever more worshipers into his lands. Iuz bridges many species gaps, being worshiped as often by humans as by euroz, jebline, celbits, or fiends of his own kind.

Iuz’s faith is opposed by many, but primarily by that of St. Cuthbert. Nerull is the only other faith that directly opposes Iuz with any regularity.

Iuz’s cult can be seen as a great pyramid, with Iuz at the apex and lines of power and authority traveling downwards from that point. For all his seeming invulnerability, in living memory Iuz has been bound/imprisoned, and various schemes of his have been foiled by mortals.

Iuz’s High Holy Day is the 4th of Needfest, with lesser holidays each Godsday. Services are held in ancient stone crypts, cisterns, or temples where light doesn’t shine, and which have never been cleaned.

Iuz’s priesthood wear hooded cloaks of deep black or bloodstained white when conducting services.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Trickery


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